‘House Of Cards’ Spoilers: Season 4 To Feature Fallout Of Frank And Claire’s Split

House of Cards spoilers are popping up across the internet, and speculation about what may happen next continues in the wake of last night’s release of a new trailer for the fourth season of this Netflix hit during last night’s Golden Globe Awards.

The trailer features Kevin Spacey as House of Cards’ Frank Underwood addressing the nation in a campaign commercial explaining that he is the leader America deserves because he is able to look you in the eye and tell you what he believes. He runs through all the things he believes in, and as he does so, we see flashbacks of dirty deeds that litter his past. It’s all the things we love about Frank and this show. He’s honest but in a very veiled way. You have to go beneath the surface of what he says to see the tremendous sarcasm and double meaning behind his words.

Season 3 ended with Claire (played by Robin Wright) walking out on Frank and a relationship that’s so complicated we aren’t sure what to expect next.

Regarding Claire’s decision to leave Frank, show creator Beau Willimon toldHollywood Reporter, “A lot of the strength of the show is based on the strength of that marriage. But as soon as we began to explore that, we realized there was no turning back. We also realized we’d laid the groundwork in the previous two seasons for this conflict between Francis and Claire, and the more we began exploring it, the more inevitable it became. And the more exciting it was for us to travel that emotional terrain.”

House of Cards
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House of Cards spoilers lie ahead! You’ve been warned!

So what do we know about what Season 4 will bring? A few things.

Deadline has reported that Neve Campbell will join the cast as a regular, but we don’t know in what role. There is speculation that she will cause problems for Frank and Claire, not that the House of Cards couple doesn’t already have enough problems! TVLine has also disclosed, however, that the Underwoods will have a rival power couple in coming months: a younger and British version of Frank and Claire. Could Ms. Campbell be one-half of that couple? And will a challenge to the power of this House of Cards dynamic duo drive them further apart or pull them together in a united front?

House of Cards
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House of Cards spoilers also include a report from Movie News Guide that Claire may challenge Frank for the spot as the President of the United States. What a perfect turn that would be for this ambitious woman whose husband has just declared that she is nothing without him. Is he right?

In another House of Cards spoiler, the Christian Post reports that the news of their separation will be announced to the general public at some point this season. A separation could very well be a fatal blow to the political lives of either of the Underwoods. And will they end up in divorce court? It would take some never-before-seen events to overcome the political damage that would do.

House of Cards has always been about the ambition of Frank Underwood and his willingness to use people to get what he wants. At times, that has even included his wife. The marriage of the House of Cards power couple has also been a constant thread through this Netflix hit. It’s intense and full of complexities, and it’s all fascinating to watch. No matter what happens in the new season, House of Cards is bound to keep these two themes moving ahead, keeping us eager to see what happens next.

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