'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins Blogs About His Experience, While Some Question The Concept Of The Show

The Bachelor premiered on national television on January 4, and what a night it was. People reports that The Bachelor's Ben Higgins is blogging about his experience for the duration of the season, and he launched that blog after the premiere episode. Apparently, Higgins had never blogged before, and he wasn't sure how to get started.

"I cannot figure out how to start this blog. I have never blogged before, and, in addition, I have never written about a night where I met 28 amazingly beautiful women. This experience is just too surreal to be real. And even sitting here today, having lived it all and watched the first night on TV, I can't believe it actually all happened. So, I am in a continual cycle of typing then deleting the first sentence to this blog. Anyways, when I don't know what decision to make it's usually best when I just jump in and begin... so let's begin!"
The Bachelor then went on to describe meeting each and every woman who is competing for his attention and his hand in marriage. It's safe to say the blog is lengthy. Entertainment Weekly editors really got into reviewing the first episode and the women involved, and apparently, the women are the craziest group yet.
"We'll get to Ben in a moment, but let's start with the ladies. Is this the craziest group we've ever seen? And which crazy stood out most amongst the crazies?"
Check out the trailer for the premiere episode.

It looks like there are some crazy dates going on, but The Bachelor is known for its bizarre dates. E! News reports that there have been many ridiculous date concepts on past seasons of The Bachelor. Just consider the bikini skiing date from Season 16, Episode 3. What ever happened to the good old dinner and a movie?

Of course, some believe the better question is whatever happened to good old fashioned dating? As for Brandy Zadrony of the Daily Beast, she wonders why all these women are signing up for The Bachelor just to have a slim chance at a relationship with a software salesman. Her opinion of the situation is obvious.

"To sum up, Ben Higgins is boring as hell and he knows it. But more than that, he's so incredibly average, it's worth asking, should he really be The Bachelor? Why would these women be so fiercely desperate to speed-date on national television in the hopes of marrying the kind of man they're likely to run into at their local church or neighborhood Applebee's?"
According to Zadrony, being The Bachelor used to have meaning, to meet an accomplished, wealthy, well-educated man. Now, not so much. But despite this, Huffington Post reports that ratings for The Bachelor have increased over the past few years, so clearly there are people out there who want to watch the average guy get an average girl.

Perhaps Roxana Gay said it best when talking about the appeal of The Bachelor when she wrote for the New York Times in 2014.

"We are not as cynical as we pretend to be. We continue to date and fall disastrously in love and marry and divorce and try again despite overwhelming evidence that it is a hell of a thing to stay with one person for the rest of your life. Few among us want to die alone, holding that hollow space inside us. The real shame of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, of the absurd theater of romantic comedies, of the sweeping passion of romance novels, is that they know where we are most tender, and they aim right for that place."
Well said! The allure of The Bachelor will live on for this reason alone!

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