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New to QBase: the Startup Exchange allows the leveraging of the wisdom of our community to value startup companies. It’s the first predictive market around startup companies that actually provides a dynamic valuation for these companies. Each company on the Startup Exchange has one million shares, so a company trading at T$100 is valued as a $100 million company by our community. Anyone can participate in the Startup Exchange. New players receive T$100,000 to invest in any company on the exchange. If they think a company is over valued, they also have the option of short selling the stock. There are currently 50 companies on the Exchange. We will be having regular IPOs to add new startups to the exchange as well. Well worth checking out.

New to QBase:

Shrink the Web

ShrinkTheWeb empowers webmasters to easily (and with little to no knowledge of HTML) show website previews next to links (or using a mouse hover bubble). This service is free for 99% of users…

FD Career

FD Career is your personal and professional development community. Every time you gain an internship, get a high GPA, or become a leader of an organization, you level-up on the site.


After winning the FCC’s recent air-to-ground spectrum licensing auction, Aircell is spearheading a Wi-Fi revolution that will change the airline and business aircraft passenger experience

implu Corporation

Implu is an online tool for prospecting, networking and market research. No other site keeps you informed with daily news, custom searches and daily email alerts.

Refocus Imaging

Refocus Imaging, Inc. is an early-stage company headquartered in Mountain View, California. Refocus is taking the next big step in photography, transforming the camera into a powerful computational platform.

Top Discussions

Would you use SaysMe?
SaysMe is a new service that allows users to buy and create your own TV ads that get shown on TV. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see why anyone would want to do this as an individual. Maybe I’m missing something.

Yahoo Widget TV
So yahoo and intel have teamed up to bring interenet functionality to regular television sets. Using existing technologies such as flash, javascript, xml, etc they hope to have you the viewer use the tv to surf the web for things like tracking stocks, sports teams, etc.

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