Alyssa Milano Shut Down Wendy Williams For Slamming Public Breastfeeding & Advocates Atkins Weight Loss Diet

Alyssa Milano shut down a popular talk show host, Wendy Williams, during a recent appearance that ranged from breastfeeding to weight loss after baby. And for Alyssa, who has long been an outspoken advocate of breastfeeding, it was a chance to triumph. Milano proved she had the perfect response to every issue in the debate, which ended with the actress successfully achieving a shutdown of the usually dominating Williams, reported ABC News.

As a breastfeeding advocate, Alyssa immediately rose to the challenge when Wendy revealed that watching women nursing babies publicly causes her to feel discomforted.

Alyssa Milano shut down a talk show host when the topic turned to breastfeeding.
Alyssa Milano shut down a talk show host when the topic turned to breastfeeding. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

“I don’t need to see that,” insisted the talk show host about moms breastfeeding babies.

“Why?” demanded Milano as she began her shut down crusade.

“Because I just don’t want to,” insisted Williams.

Alyssa compared breastfeeding in public to eating in public with her next question, pointing out that people don’t try to hide their food consumption.

“But would you eat under a blanket?” probed Milano.

At that point, Wendy proposed that rather than nurse a baby in public, she would use her car for that purpose.

“I’m a mom also. But breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things,” insisted Williams.

But the actress had a comeback to that comment as well.

“Biologically, they’re not made for sexual things, that’s what we’ve done to them,” pointed out Alyssa.

As additional evidence that Milano shut down the talk show host, she even achieved a confession from Wendy that she actually breastfed her own son. However, Williams added that she nursed Kevin Hunter Jr. for just two weeks based on the rationale that as a baby, he was “ravenous.”

As for Alyssa’s own children, she and her spouse, Dave Bugliari, have a 4-year-old named Milo and a 16-month-old named Elizabella. Milano has filled her social media accounts with photos showcasing her breastfeeding.

Alyssa Milano and daughter Elizabella Milano pose.
Alyssa Milano and daughter Elizabella Milano pose. [Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images]

And those social media pictures focusing on nursing her babies have become controversial, which surprised Alyssa, noted Fox News.

“I was surprised by the reaction and I was surprised that I then was then put in this position of being a breastfeeding advocate — which I love, and I take that job with a lot of responsibility. But it was kind of shocking that [people] were so opinionated about something that’s supposed to be so incredibly natural.”

In contrast to their battle over breastfeeding, Wendy and Milano were in agreement about the actress’ weight loss success after her last baby. Alyssa put on 55 pounds during her pregnancy with Milo and also with Elizabella. However, she emphasized that she succeeded with her weight loss goals because she wanted to do so, not because she felt pressured by Hollywood size zero actress stereotypes.

Alyssa Milano talks Atkins diet.
Alyssa Milano talks Atkins diet. [Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Viva (Kimberly-Clark)]

“I always take my time losing the baby weight because there’s so many more important things to be going through,” emphasized Milano. “But as far as… Hollywood making me feel that I needed to lose the weight, I didn’t feel that pressure. I felt a personal pressure.”

At this point, Alyssa has just five pounds to go, and she credits the Atkins Diet for helping her slim down. Milano is such a fan of the high-fat diet that she’s blogging for the Atkins diet website.

Naming her children as her weight loss motivation, Alyssa revealed that her favorite Atkins-friendly food is the company’s Pecan Caramel Clusters. And her tips for success on the weight loss plan are simple.

“Eat slowly, savor and enjoy food!” recommended Milano.

Listing her New Year goals in a recent blog, Alyssa also shared what she has learned about using the Atkins diet to boost her weight loss and how she can use those lessons to continue her slim down in 2016.

“Eat more often. I need to do better at making sure I have a low-carb meal or snack every two to three hours,” emphasized the actress. “Plus, I have learned that eating every two to three hours keeps my metabolism constantly working, which means I am burning more calories. A win-win!”

[Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images]