January 11, 2016
Why Was Amy Schumer Censored At Golden Globes?

Those of you watching the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday night will have spotted that, on at least two occasions, the censors had to stoop in the stop the profanities of those on stage from being heard. One involved Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson, while the other saw Amy Schumer being censored while she presented an award alongside her new BFF Jennifer Lawrence.

But what did the comedienne, star of Inside Amy Schumer and Trainwreck, say while on stage that resulted in her being censored? Well, it was all down to one particular word. A word that begins with c, is four letters long, and, well, you can work out the rest for yourself. If you can't work it out then you're probably too young to know what such a disgraceful word means.

Amy Schumer dropped the word while presenting alongside Jennifer Lawrence at the ceremony. The duo were talking about a celebrity nickname for Schumer, considering that the Oscar winning actress, who won the Academy Award for her turn in Silver Linings Playbook, is known the world over as J-Law.

This then led Amy Schumer to try and come up with her own nickname, introducing herself to the world as "A.Schu." This then provoked Jennifer Lawrence to state, "Amy, you can't just give yourself a nickname. It has to come naturally. What do people usually call you?"

Amy Schumer then had the censors scrambling for the bleeper when she declared, "Usually they just call me c***." This then led the camera to turn to the actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Cate Blanchett, both of whom looking shell-shocked by what they'd just heard from the actress.

Jennifer Lawrence didn't skip a beat though, as she then continued the duo's presenting skit by adding, "We can forget about that, but that's true. Maybe you'll get a celebrity couple nickname."

This then provoked Amy Schumer to list a number of actors names who she clearly pines for, as she suggested, "Ames-Tom Hardy" and "Amy with all the Hemsworthses." However, Lawrence was quick to remind Schumer, whom she recently completed a comedy screenplay with, "It has to be real couples, not just people you want to sleep with."

Both Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence were nominated for Best Actress In A Motion Picture Comedy at the Golden Globes on Sunday evening. 25-year-old Lawrence was the one who came out on top, winning the coveted gong for her performance in Joy.

This then provoked Lawrence to gush about David O. Russell, the director and screenwriter that has now inspired the actress to countless award nominations because of her performances in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Joy.

During her speech, via the Daily Mail, Lawrence looked towards the filmmaker and declared, "Every time I am up here it is because of you. Thank you for choosing me, thank you for your brilliance, thank you for teaching me so much, professionally, personally. Your love of cinema is so pure and you're so untainted by all of this. You make movies like you don't even care if anyone ever sees them."

Realising that what she just said could be misinterpreted, Lawrence then added, "I meant that as a compliment! I just heard it. But really it's such a good, pure thing." She then added the rather delightful final tribute to Russell of, "David, I love you. I want us to be buried next to each other, I do!"

[Image via Getty/Handout]