‘GTA V Online’ ‘Casino’ DLC Leaked

'GTA V Online' 'Casino' DLC Leaked

GTA V tipster Funmw2 has struck again, leaking information on GTA V Online‘s upcoming Casino DLC, according to a report from the International Business Times. The Casino DLC, rumored to be coming soon, will allegedly feature three new gambling game modes, mini-games, and activities.

The new information leaked via YouTuber MrBossFTW, and information pulled from the 1.13 code reveals that it will be a massive DLC pack. Funmw2 indicated that it will be coming to single-player DLC as well as multiplayer and will in fact contain two new DLCs; one for single-player, one for multi-player. That does seem like a bit of an excessive cash grab – selling the exact same product twice over – but, as always, DLC is optional.

The new mini-games have been revealed as blackjack, poker, and slots, as pulled from an online script, and it’s rumored that GTA V will feature something similar to Red Dead Redemption‘s poker game. It’s also rumored that the casino mechanics will be true to life; that is to say, players will be gambling at their own risk, with no return on money lost.

Design upgrades and banners added to the casino already in the the Executives and Other Criminals DLC add weight to the leak’s legitimacy, and recent additions to the code certainly suggest that the new content is just around the corner.

The casino has been in 'GTA 5' since release, but it hasn't been open for business.
Of course, as iDigitalTimes points out, the Casino rumor has been around since as early as March, 2015, and while these latest additions to the code are new, it’s hardly the first time references to gambling games have been found added to GTA V’s code. Oddly enough, previous mentions of the rumors also included a roulette game, which has not been spotted in the code in the current leak. Still, that’s not to say that one isn’t coming.

That rumors abound about the casino is not surprising; it’s been in the game since its release in September, 2013, with a large “Opening Soon” banner across the entrance. Signs outside indicate that the casino accepts Fleeca and Shark credit cards, but it’s also been inaccessible since day one. The implication of the “Opening Soon” banner is obvious; at the very least, Rockstar has surely always had plans for the casino, and with GTA V Online and its microtransactions, it seems a fairly obvious step.

Hey, the game has the word “theft” right in the title.

But nobody's ever spent too much money at a casino, right?
The recent leaks, however, are fairly emphatic. If Rockstar is actively adding code for gambling minigames – especially slot machines – the casino has to open at some point, and it’s probably going to be sometime soon. As it stands, Rockstar is surely aware that GTA V has a limited shelf life, and it’s been out for over two years now. On top of that, Funmw2 has always been a reliable tipster, and it’s been suggested before (by Funmw2 himself, mind you) that he has an inside track to Rockstar.

In point of fact, the post where he leaked the information was more about his own contributions to the game than the leak itself and came off almost as more of a deliberate promotion than a leak.

“I miss my FOS V4 capture.
It was modded but I’ve helped R* improve their security.
It should be legit because I was a billionaire who provided all those players who played my capture with 75k.
The bastards removed my capture and took my money for the casino that will be coming with SP DLC.”

It’s worth noting that this was posted to Rockstar’s official forums; his posts have to have at least their tacit approval.

So, while the rumors have persisted for almost a year, it’s a fairly safe bet that GTA V and GTA V Online players can expect to see the opening of the casino sometime soon.

[Image via Rockstar Games]