January 17, 2016
‘Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ Spoilers: Gamers Praise Isle of Mist Storyline, Basic Walkthrough

One of the biggest games last year was the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After its release on May 19, 2015, fans have given raving reviews about the game. It even got a 10 out of 10 rating from Steam.

Aside from all the adulations directed towards CD Project RED, gamers are now beginning to unravel the real genius behind this masterpiece.

Since the game is a long narrative, it is actually quite tedious to play it in one day. However, one of the most rewarding experiences for gamers is the actual storyline. So far, a riveting detail on Witcher 3: Wild Hunt quest has been revealed in Reddit, citing some spoilers about the Isle of Mist.

Level 22: Beginning of End Game

Isle of Mist is Level 22 on Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. At this stage, the gamer will be trapped into a series of missions and quests that will eventually lead to the end of the game. Since this is an advanced level in the game, there will be some big-time spoilers in the following sections.

First of all, the beginning of Isle of Mist is already a challenge. Gamers are advised to click on "Save" when they see The Isle of Mist welcome note. It is also very important that the gamer must be prepared before entering this level. Collect all the Potions, Bombs, and upgraded Decoctions.

The gamer should also be able to complete these important stages before pushing forward.
  • Brothers in Arms: Velen
  • Brothers in Arms: Novigrad
  • Brothers in Arms: Skellige
  • Brothers in Arms: Nilfgaard
  • Recruit Letho
As VG27 noted, it is very important that the gamer is at least Level 22 when entering this stage of the game.

Be Prepared To Be Devastated [Spoilers]

There will be a challenging encounter in finding Ivo on the northern coast. Since the map is tricky and the environment is not really as bright as the other quests, it will be hard to figure out Ivo's exact location. However, he will be calling the character "from atop a high rock formation, and opt to take the fast way down," as GamerGuides noted.

The next encounter is about Gaspard and Ciri. There will be a long cutscene that shows Ciri lying down as the dwarves try to wake her up.

One Reddit user even pointed out the importance of this critical moment in the game. He said that the game was a "f**k*ng masterpiece."

"Holy s**t, I cried like a b***h when I thought she was dead... this is the first game that has made me care about a caracter [sic] that much. I got 54 hours logged in and its only bound to go up," the user wrote.

Other users pointed out the beauty of this scene. Most of them said that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had really become an adventure game that captures the emotion of the gamer.

"I love it when a game can keep me engaged and emotionally invested even when I have spoiled stuff... Aren't all that many games that can do that."
The devastating scene featured the dwarves telling the character that Ciri was dead and that they would wait by the boat. This will be a good time to go back and check on Ciri.

Fortunately, Ciri is still alive. Both Ciri and the gamer will have an impactful conversation. The gamer is advised to reveal the plans about Kaer Morhen so she can join the next quest.

On the other hand, the gamer will be faced with another conflict after the dwarves left and stole the boat. The good thing is Ciri is there to teleport the gamer to Kaer Morhen, where the next hunt begins.

Watch the walkthrough video below.

[Image via YouTube/Gruesome Vids]