Kendall Jenner Romance With Harry Styles Is Khloé Kardashian Approved

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are definitely having trouble keeping any parts of their new romance private. Earlier this week, Khloé Kardashian spilled the beans on their relationship. Kardashian has even said that she approves of Kendall and Harry as a couple.

In a recent promo for Kardashian’s upcoming FX show Kocktails With Khloe, the reality star dished on her model sister’s new boyfriend. When talking to E! News host Catt Sadler about a possible relationship between Kendall and Harry, Khloé said, “Why are they a good match? Well they’re both super hot, super great, sweet people.” Then, Koko went on, “And if I’m on a yacht in St. Barts at, ‘how old is she, 20?’ and he’s 20? ‘Hey, I ain’t mad at you, Kenny. Do your thang, girl!'”

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles made some major headlines when they were spotted vacationing together over the New Year’s holiday. The cute couple looked pretty happy spending time aboard a yacht in St. Bart’s and Antigua for several days. Although Harry and Kendall have kicked dating rumors in the past, their reunion in January came as a surprise to fans, who are happy to see Kendall Jenner enjoying her time with the One Direction star.

Kendall and Harry are reportedly taking it slow as they enjoy each other’s company. Both celebs keep a pretty busy schedule so Kendall is said to be taking it slow with Harry. That said, Kendall did claim on her personal website that she would be taking it much slower this year. Jenner shot way up in popularity as a supermodel and even landed a spot in the last Victoria’s Secret show. Kendall admitted that her very strenuous year not only led to a hospital visit, but also is the reason she will be taking it a bit slower in 2016.

With any luck, Kendall Jenner really will have a lighter schedule so she can keep spending time with Harry Styles. One Direction will reunite again for their Family Guy cameo, but otherwise the boy band is on a break. This would be the perfect time for Harry and Kendall to really enjoy the beginning of a real romance. Not to mention that it would be fun for fans to follow Kendall and Harry’s adventures.

It looks like Harry may be ready to settle down and maybe thinks his reality star girlfriend is the one. There are even reports that Styles is planning a new tattoo in Kendall’s honor. A Hollywood Life insider is claiming that Harry wants to make his love known by getting Jenner-inspired ink. Harry wouldn’t be getting her famous name, though. Instead, the source claims that Styles is planning something meaningful for the two of them to add to his collection of 62 tattoos. What do you think Harry will pick as his tattooed symbol for Kendall?

It seems that Harry isn’t spending all of his free time with Kendall these days. The One Directioner is also reportedly getting some voice lessons. Now that One Direction is taking a break and Harry’s future isn’t so secure with the boy band, Harry is looking to Adele’s voice coach to help Styles get his pipes the golden touch. That would indicate that Harry is prepping now for the inevitable solo career now that One Direction is starting to ironically go in several directions.

It’s a good thing Harry Styles is taking his voice training seriously. If Harry wants to land and keep a girl like Kendall, he’s going to have to ace a solo career. Kendall means business and she’s at the top of her career. If Harry wants to stay in the picture, he’ll have to get his career on point now that One Direction is on a break.

[Photo credited to Lisa Maree Williams]