7 Home Water Makers for you to consider


The lifeblood of our world, and us. Without water we don’t live very long and with polluted water we don’t live very well. As we face a potential shortage of water one has to wonder what our options are. Well Jaymi Heimbuch over at Treehugger has written a really good post about atmospheric water generators, what they are and how they work. As well she has gathered together a list of the seven best alternatives for home use. If this is something that interests you I suggest you drop by Treehugger and give it a read through.

The basic idea behind atmospheric water generators (AWG) is that it condenses the warm air passing over a coil from a vapor to a liquid. It’s a pretty simple premise but finding the right home AWG for yourself might not be so easy. So here is a short form list of seven for you to consider courtesy of Jaymi Heimbuch (you can read all the details about each if them over at Treehugger).

DewPointe – Selling point: the only unit on the market with certifications from every organization in the world.


AquaMaker AM10 – Selling point: it has a hot water tank as well as an enclosed pack for filtration systems.


Air Water Maker E-10 – Selling point: hot and cold water on demand as well as a leakage sensor.


Dolphin 2/dragonfly M18 – Selling point: compact counter size


EcoloBlue 28 – Selling point: other than its stylish looks the company website is user-friendly when it comes to ordering stuff.


WaterMill – Selling point: it’s an outdoor unit


WaterMaster C2000 – Selling point: uses crystallization rather than condensation to collect water