Jade Roper, Tanner Tolbert Reveal Big Plans: What Are The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Lovebirds Putting Together?

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert fell in love during Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and things continue to go well for the couple. They connected during their first days filming in Mexico and left the show engaged. Where do things stand for the duo now?

As soon as the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired, Jade Roper officially moved to Kansas to live with Tanner Tolbert. Granted, the buzz while the two had to stay undercover with their romance was that Jade was essentially living with Tanner already, but at the time she was officially living in Nashville with fellow BIP castmate Carly Waddell.


Ever since they were able to go public, Jade and Tanner have been essentially joined at the hip. They share quite a few updates with fans via social media and Bachelor in Paradise viewers are really rooting for this couple. Based on the latest updates from the lovebirds, it looks like they are making some big moves toward building a future together.

Tanner did not find love with Kaitlyn Bristowe during her season of The Bachelorette, and fans watched Jade experience heartbreak when Chris Soules eliminated her after the hometown dates on The Bachelor. However, both headed to Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise shortly after their respective seasons were over and they fell head-over-heels for one another almost immediately.

In recent updates, Roper had mentioned working on their wedding registry, and the couple also had engagement photos done during the fall. Though they have not publicly announced their wedding date, it is quite clear that plans are in place, and it looks like they may have just confirmed the buzz about the date of the event.

There has been a wedding registry on The Knot noting a June 24 wedding date for Jade and Tanner, but it was not known for certain if that was a legitimate registry. Over the weekend, Tolbert noted that he had been dragged to Crate and Barrel by Roper to work on their wedding registry, leaving behind the opportunity to watch the football playoffs.

It just so happens that the registry shown in Tanner’s Instagram photo syncs with the Knot page and Crate and Barrel registry linked there with that June 24 wedding date. While that registry shows their wedding location as Tanner’s hometown of Olathe, Kansas, the couple has said in the past that they are open to a televised wedding via ABC.

As Bachelor in Paradise fans will remember, Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd seemingly got married in Mexico during the beginning of the Season 2 filming. However, since then there have been some questions regarding whether it was a legal wedding and even whether Marcus and Lacy are actually still together.

Regardless of those specifics, Lacy and Marcus had their event in Mexico on June 4. Based on typical show filming, it would seem that Tanner and Jade’s wedding is slated to come a bit later than filming, or right toward the end of it. Of course, there could be a plan in place to have the network involved in this event, and fans will have to stay tuned to see if anything on that front is revealed.

Tanner and Jade shared another exciting tidbit via social media over the weekend. Until now, the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds have been living in Tanner’s home in Kansas. However, Jade posted a photo on Instagram showing that they are planning to change their living situation.

The two just bought some land where they will build a home together. Though Jade doesn’t note where the land is, it seems likely that it’s still in the same area where Tanner has been living. Now, however, the couple will have a bigger lot where they can create something for the both of them.

While The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise shows are known for their drama, sometimes a true love story emerges. Fans are thrilled to see that things have been going so well for Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert and can’t wait to get more details on the wedding and new house.

[Image via Tanner Tolbert’s Instagram]

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