Joey Feek Health Update: Country Singer Is Near Death, Having Talks With Jesus, Husband Writes In Emotional Post

Joey Feek is near death and finding solace in her faith, husband Rory Feek wrote this week in an emotional blog post about his terminally ill wife.

Joey Feek has been battling end stage cancer for several months, and as her health fades and her ability to walk and talk saps, Rory has been there to keep fans regularly updated. While some of those posts have taken a hopeful tone, with Rory writing about Joey spending time with their young daughter and enjoying the first snowfall of the season, the one posted this weekend takes a more heartbreaking tone.

Rory said his wife’s pain is increasing each day, and as a result she has dramatically increased her doses of morphine to keep her comfortable. Though Joey Feek had found many reasons for hope in the past few weeks, Rory’s update this weekend was much more bleak.

“Here I sit beside my dying wife,” Rory wrote in a Saturday post on This Life I Live. “I don’t say those words lightly. As a matter-of-fact, I haven’t said them at all. But my beautiful bride has said them to me in these couple of days.”

While the outlook is dark, Joey Feek has still leaned on her strong faith as her final days near, Rory wrote.

“Yesterday with tears in her eyes and mine, Joey held my hand and told me that she has been having serious talks with Jesus,” he said. “She said she told him that if He’s ready to take her… she’s ready to come home.”

Joey Feek has fought through her terminal cancer with all the strength she has been able to muster. Rory often shared pictures of Joey playing on the floor with their toddler, Indiana, and teaching sign language to her.

Joey Feek plays with her daughter Indiana [Image via Facebook/Joey and Rory]In this weekend’s post, Rory Feek also recounted a now heartbreaking song the pair recorded in 2012. It was for a record called His and Hers, and Rory said it was a chance for him to sing more than just harmonies to her vocals.

Rory wrote that they were looking through the songs of Sandy Lawrence, an undiscovered songwriter who Rory wrote came to Nashville and “knocked on a thousand un-opened doors on Music Row.” Joey and Rory fell in love with the songs and hoped that by picking one of her songs they could “change Sandy’s life and the world could discover what a gift she has.”

The song they ended up picking was called “When I’m Gone.” As Rory wrote, it ended up being more appropriate than they ever could have known.

“Fast forward a few months and we were at our farm in the big barn making a music video for When I’m Gone. We knew the recording was special and our hope was that the song’s message might help someone who is in the midst of losing someone they love or who has already lost someone and are trying to make sense of it all.”

“Someone like me… and my girls. And Joey’s mama and daddy. And three sisters. And all our friends.”

“And you.”

The health update Rory shared on his wife Joey Feek has brought new waves of support to the family, with many fans sharing thoughts and prayers. Joey’s cancer battle has also touched the music industry, particularly in their home of Nashville, with artists like Blake Shelton sharing wishes for Joey and her family through the cancer battle.

[Image via Facebook/Joey and Rory]