Meghan Trainor Hints At New Album’s Name, Song, And Due Date

Meghan Trainor Album Thank You

While Meghan Trainor may have wittily joked about not keeping her New Year’s resolutions, one resolution that she has managed to keep is the release of her new album.

On the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday, Meghan Trainor was asked by E! Online what the new year holds for her. Her response was that a new album would be released in the next few months.

When asked about a more specific date, Meghan Trainor was unsure, but shared “we’re doing the final mixes this week.”

Meghan Trainor also teased the fact that the album is entitled Thank You, and features a song of the same name on the album. That song is meant to be a thank you to her fans who have supported her rise to fame.

She is very excited to finally be able to share her new music with the world. In response to being asked how it felt to finish it, Meghan Trainor said, that it feels “amazing to finally wrap it up.”

The new album, Thank You, will be Meghan Trainor’s second studio album, after her hugely successful record, Title. That album spawned her breakout hit, “All About That Bass,” which so far has sold 11 million records worldwide and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Earlier this week, Meghan Trainor appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday night, discussing her first kiss as well as tackling a topic most people have already forgotten about: their New Year’s resolutions.

Meghan Trainor and James Corden sang a parody to 2014’s hit song “All About That Bass,” which was re-titled as “All About That Change.” According to Entertainment Weekly, the two were dressed in matching powder blue outfits with pink bows in their hair. James Corden also sported a long blonde wig to match Meghan Trainor’s tresses.

The song parodied the fact that most people end up breaking their new year’s resolutions, many in the first week of January. Meghan Trainor and James Corden hit on this theme with the lyrics, “All about that change, ’bout that change, this New Year.”

James Corden then added details about his endeavor to lose weight.

“It’s pretty clear I ain’t no size 2. But I just joined a gym like I’m supposed to do. Cause I got that boom, boom walkin’ up the staircases. And all the wrong junk in all the wrong places.”

However, all is for not as James Corden then adds that despite his newly purchased gym membership, he has yet to attend it once. Meghan Trainor then added her own verse about cutting down on her alcohol consumption.

“After work I come home and I have a glass of wine. And when I say a glass. I really mean four or five. But I’m gonna cut back I swear to drink more water instead. Cause I can’t afford to drunk dial another ex.”

Unfortunately, Meghan Trainor sings that despite her best intentions, she has done little to adhere to her resolution.

“One week and I’m alright. There hasn’t been a drink in sight. Nah just playin’ I went out last night. And I’m here to tell you that orange juice is good – it’s even better with champagne.”

The New Year’s holiday probably hasn’t done anything to change the type of men that Meghan Trainor is attracted to, especially when it comes to musicians, the Inquisitr reported.

Meghan Trainor is proving that while she may not be able to stick to her New Year’s resolutions of drinking less, she is able to fulfill her promise of releasing a new album.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]