Robert Pattinson’s Close Relationship With Kristen Stewart Reportedly Caused FKA Twigs To Go ‘Ballistic’

Despite a decisive end to their relationship a few years ago, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have remained friends over the years. While Pattinson has since moved on and is now engaged to FKA twigs, the British singer is not in favor of his continued dealings with Stewart. In fact, according to Hollywood Life, twigs recently “went ballistic” after learning that Pattinson wanted to visit his former girlfriend.

Apparently, the fight between twigs and Pattinson occurred after the Twilight star expressed a desire to attend an event in New York City in support of his ex-girlfriend. In reply, an inside source revealed that twigs “went ballistic and screamed, ‘No f***ing way.’ ” Will Pattinson and twigs be able to pull things together?

Pattinson wanted to take a trip to New York for the premiere of Stewart’s newest film, Clouds of Sils Maria. Twigs’ jealousy, however, proved to be too much as the couple ended up fighting over Pattinson’s connection with his former flame. As per the source, Pattinson has since been caught in the middle of the two women and is reportedly struggling with how to handle the situation.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dated both on and off the 'Twilight' set. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images] Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dated both on and off the ‘Twilight’ set. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]The latest fight over Kristen Stewart isn’t the first to go down between Pattinson and his fiancé. According to OK Magazine, twigs also took issue when she learned that Pattinson had kept open doors of communication with Stewart. Although Pattinson explained how he and Stewart were just friends, twigs reacted negatively to their contact.

“She confronted him about it straight away and he insisted it was just a good will congratulations about Kristen being in the Oscar race this year… She’s not happy at all about this and isn’t really satisfied with his explanation.”

The source went on to add that twigs is aware that Robert Pattinson still has feelings for Stewart. This has reportedly made it difficult for the actor to move forward with his life and has only compounded the problems in his relationship with twigs.

Meanwhile, Pattinson and twigs are expected to finally tie the knot at some point in 2016. However, their latest fight has pushed the wedding even further back as the couple works out their problems. The latest delay is only one of many that have occurred since the couple announced their engagement in early 2015.

Robert Pattinson recently wrapped 'The Lost City of Z' with 'Sons of Anarchy' star Charlie Hunnam. [Image via Instagram] Robert Pattinson recently wrapped ‘The Lost City of Z’ with ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Charlie Hunnam. [Image via Instagram]“Robert and FKA Twigs were supposed to get married this year. That was the plan, but his indecision over the situation has caused a delay,” the insider told Hollywood Life. “He just wants to make sure everyone in his family is on the same page. It’s like, even after all this time, he still has to convince them that Twigs is the right girl for him.”

Pattinson and twigs have been engaged for a little under a year now. Although their wedding was initially expected to go down last summer or fall, the two have yet to exchange vows. This has led to a lot of speculation that the two are experiencing some relationship woes of their own. Given their current problems over Pattinson’s dealings with Stewart, there is no telling when the two will finally get married.

At the same time, if the reports are true, then it is possible that the couple will not get married any time soon. Furthermore, with so much drama surrounding Pattinson and twigs, rumors of a pending split will not likely go away until the two finally get married.

At this point, neither Stewart nor Pattinson have officially addressed the rumors surrounding the status of their current friendship. For her part, Stewart is currently in a relationship with Alicia Cargile.

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