Tori Spelling Will Return In Remake Of ‘Mother May I Sleep With Danger’

Tori Spelling was the star of the original Mother May I Sleep With Danger, and when news came out about a remake of the movie, everyone assumed that Spelling would not be in it. She played a much younger character in the original. Now Us Weekly Magazine is sharing that Tori actually will be in the remake of this movie. The original version was made in 1996, when Spelling was much younger, but James Franco is bringing her back for the new one.

The original movie aired on Lifetime and Tori Spelling played a very young girl in it. Now she will be playing the mother in the movie instead. James Franco has shared that this version will be very unlike a Lifetime movie, but Franco isn’t really sharing details of how it will be done this time around. Here is what Franco had to say about the movie starring Spelling.

“Mother May I Sleep With Danger came out cause Will Ferrell had done A Deadly Adoption and Will told me he was actually inspired by my going on General Hospital when he did that, and then Lifetime came to me and said would I like to recreate their movies like Will did. And I said yes, as long as I could change it a bit. So it has … some of the similar elements of the original, but it’s completely revamped.”

The return of Tori Spelling has fans really excited for Mother May I Sleep With Danger. Amber Coney will be the one writing it and Franco will serve as the film’s executive producer. IMDB shared the details about the original with Tori Spelling. In the movie, Spelling plays a girl named Laurel, who thinks that Kevin is the boyfriend of her dreams. The mother, Jessica, which will be played by Spelling in the new movie, starts to realize that something is up when Kevin’s love turns into more than just wanting to be around her all the time, he actually won’t ever leave her alone.

Tori Spelling has been very busy with her children and husband, Dean McDermott, lately. Radar Online shared that Dean actually just celebrated two years of sobriety. A source saw her out shopping for the perfect gift for Dean for the occasion and revealed that Tori actually ended up buying him “a beautiful two year medallion that had fire flames on it.”

After the cheating scandal was revealed, Tori and Dean decided to work on their marriage. Getting sober was one thing that Dean needed to do to make things better for them. This couple looks like things are going great for them and knowing that Tori will have money coming in from this upcoming job has to make them pretty happy too.

Of course, fans are going to think about their dream cast for this upcoming movie. They will need to find someone that can play Laurel, that can compare to Spelling, considering she did such a great job with the movie. They will also need to find the perfect actress that Spelling can play as her mother.

There is no news yet on when Mother May I Sleep With Danger will air, but fans of Tori Spelling can’t wait to see the new version of this movie. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about James Franco deciding to do a remake of this film, and what you think of Tori Spelling playing the character of her mother in the new version.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]