Brandi Glanville Slams Eddie Cibrian For Calling Her A Liar, Provides Evidence That She Asked LeAnn Rimes To Stop Making Her Holidays Miserable

Brandi Glanville has responded to Eddie Cibrian’s accusations that she’s a liar by claiming that he’s the one twisting the truth, and she has email evidence to prove it.

Brandi Glanville’s relationship with her ex-husband and his current wife, LeAnn Rimes, has always been contentious, but the trio actually managed to keep things fairly civil for a lengthy stretch of time. That changed when Brandi decided to voice her opinion about LeAnn Rimes’ love of posting photos of Brandi and Eddie’s sons on social media during the holidays.

Here’s a quick recap of the latest family drama involving Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes, and Eddie Cibrian: During a recent interview, Brandi said that she cries when LeAnn posts holiday Instagram photos of Brandi and Eddie’s sons, 12-year-old Mason and 8-year-old Jake, having fun without their biological mom. The happy pictures make Brandi reflect on how her ex-husband’s infidelity and subsequent remarriage has affected her relationship with her kids – because she and Eddie have a 50/50 custody agreement, she feels like she’s missing out on half of her kids’ childhoods. Brandi claims that she politely asked LeAnn Rimes to stop her hurtful social media behavior, but she she refuses to do so. Eddie recently responded to Brandi’s claims by denying that his ex has ever complained about LeAnn’s social media habits, but now Brandi has provided evidence that she did just this.

Brandi Glanville’s PR recently provided the Real Mr. Housewife with a copy of an email that Brandi sent to Eddie Cibrian on November 3, of last year and she actually has some kind words for LeAnn Rimes – she commends the country singer for being a loving stepmom. Brandi doesn’t seem to have an issue with the way LeAnn treats Mason and Jake, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star does think that the “bonus mom” could be a little more respectful to the biological mother of the boys that she proclaims to care so much about.

“As you are very aware I do not have family in town and when the holidays roll around and its your turn to have the kids I struggle, I’m lonely for them, I cry I miss them sooooooooo much,” Brandi wrote.

LeAnn Rimes Family Christmas Sweaters
LeAnn Rimes shared this photo after Brandi Glanville pleaded with her to stop posting photos of her sons on social media during the holidays (Image via LeAnn Rimes Cibrian/Instagram)

According to ETonline, Brandi Glanville said something similar during the Nik Richie Podcast interview that started this whole “he said, she said, she said” war of words. According to Brandi, LeAnn Rimes’ happy holiday photos were driving her to drink and making her cry herself to sleep.

“I have a RHOBH google alert on my phone and to last night see your wife’s social media post of her blended family it cut like a knife,” Brandi writes in her email to Eddie. “It made me realize yet another year has gone by where I have missed half of my children’s lives. Its hard enough not seeing them on the holidays but then for you to pour salt in my wound is just mean and unkind please don’t.”

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just stop the holiday family posts any other time my children step mom has my blessing to snap their picture I get it I made cute kids they are perfect and they are mine.”

However, during an interview with ETonline, LeAnn Rimes hinted that she doesn’t think Jake and Mason are cute because they inherited Brandi Glanville’s genes – LeAnn said she feels so much love for the boys because they are “two little spitting images” of her husband.

The Halloween photo below is possibly the one that made Brandi upset enough to send her emotional email to Eddie.

LeAnn Rimes Blended Family
LeAnn Rimes posted this Halloween photo on Instagram a few days before Brandi Glanville sent her emotional email about holidays to Eddie (Image via LeAnn Rimes/Instagram)

Eddie Cibrian responded to Brandi Glanville’s email evidence by releasing a statement to RumorFix. Instead of defending LeAnn’s habit of posting photos of Jake and Mason on Instagram, he honed in on Brandi’s claim that she and LeAnn had a conversation about the problematic pictures.

“LeAnn has never spoke to Brandi. She is just using LeAnn’s name to get press for herself,” Eddie wrote. “These stories are getting out of control. She has never spoken with LeAnn.”

However, Brandi Glanville issued her own statement to RumorFix refuting a few of Eddie’s claims. She admitted that she usually only talks to Eddie if she has any issues concerning their kids. However, it seems as though the photo situation really struck a raw nerve, so she decided to confront LeAnn about it. During her Nik Richie interview, Brandi claimed that LeAnn ignored her pleas to stop posting photos of the boys around the holidays, and she suggested that LeAnn only continues to do it because she knows that it will hurt Brandi.

“I tucked my tail and I said, ‘Please, just for the holidays, don’t do it. It kills me,'” Brandi said. “And she’s like, ‘It’s my family, too, and I’m gonna do whatever I want.'”

In her RumorFix statement, Brandi Glanville also responded to some of the claims that Eddie Cibrian made during a recent interview with People. Eddie tried to claim that Brandi and LeAnn “don’t even talk,” but Brandi argues that she, Eddie, and LeAnn had to communicate with one another when they were in therapy together. Brandi also slammed Eddie for claiming that she talks about LeAnn to “make headlines.” Brandi pointed out that Nik Richie is actually the one who brought up LeAnn during the interview that Eddie is so upset about, and she also pointed out that LeAnn and Eddie are guilty of using Brandi’s name to get people to tune in to their now-defunct reality show.

“They did an ENTIRE failed reality show bashing me, the mother of Eddie’s children, as a story line,” Brandi Glanville wrote.

Brandi went on to call Eddie out for daring to complain that their sons might read her comments about how she cries over LeAnn Rimes’ social media behavior.

“Furthermore, if he really cared about what our children might read on the internet then he wouldn’t have cheated so publicly and without remorse — it’s one of the first things that come up when you Google his name. Our children will see all of that.”

So now that the floodgates have been opened again, are you Team Brandi Glanville, Team Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, or Team No One?

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]