Dunkin’ Run launches, assumes you want to carry 18 coffees back to the office

Dunkin’ Donuts launched an iPhone app and a website today to facilitate interactive group coffee runs- beating out coffee competitors to embrace the social media market.

Overlooking the fact that lots of us want to sneak out as quietly as possible to avoid getting coffee and donuts for everyone who conveniently forgets how to count change coming up to coffee runs, the Dunkin’ Run app and website is pretty cool. When you notify your co-workers of an impending coffee run, the process goes like this:

  • INVITE: Start a run at DunkinRun.com from your computer, mobile device, or our iPhone application. You are now “the runner”, and pick which friends you’d like to invite by providing their email or mobile phone number
  • ORDER: Select what you want from the menu, and we’ll contact your friends and tell them to do the same.
  • RUN: Go get the goods. We’ll compile all orders for you, and you can print it out or have it sent to your mobile device (if you print it, just hand the print out to the Dunkin’ crew member at the shop and they’ll take it from there).
  • ENJOY! Bring the goodies back, and enjoy the deliciousness, along with the hero worship from your friends.


While the app doesn’t place the order for you, it’s pretty cool that it works with or without a printer- because we all know printers are moody jerks. The app also remembers old orders, saves your favorite menu items, sends run reminders/cancellation notices and interfaces with Facebook to display run status.

[Image/Source: Mashable]