‘Rebel Galaxy’ Releases Stealthily On Consoles This Month, Brings Great Space Sim To Playstation 4 And Xbox One

Console players might be surprised to see Rebel Galaxy available on their consoles this month. Studio Double Damage has had virtually no fanfare surrounding the release, yet Playstation 4 and Xbox One users will be happy to know that they can get the space sim on their consoles this month. In fact, Playstation 4 owners can grab Rebel Galaxy for their console today, as it released back on January 5. Xbox One owners will need to wait till Wednesday, January 13, to get their hands on Rebel Galaxy.

Rebel Galaxy launched on PC in October of 2015, and has since received rave reviews from critics, such as IGN, and fans alike. Double Damage’s space sim follows a character who inherits his ship from his aunt, though the aunt is nowhere to be found. The great thing about Rebel Galaxy is how it sets the mood of exploring space as the next great frontier. From its steel-guitar-heavy soundtrack to the mere fact that you can pick any direction and explore, trade, bounty hunt, and so on instead of pursuing the main storyline; Rebel Galaxy sets the mood for your inner space-cowboy fantasies to come out.

Rebel Galaxy Comes to PS4 and Xbox One
Rebel Galaxy provides some great combat, specifically when it comes to the broadsides. Planning and lining up your shot is crucial to survival. [Image via Double Damage Games]

The gameplay of Rebel Galaxy is interesting in how it differentiates from other space games. Most games have you chasing a reticle or simply firing your lasers at an enemy. Rebel Galaxy has this to a degree, with some of the smaller weaponry. Where the fight really takes shape is when you need to pull out your broadside cannons, firing massive volleys as your destroyer tears holes through enemy cruisers, fighters and other destroyers. Additionally, Rebel Galaxy takes place in a randomly generated universe, so no two systems will look the same as a result, giving the ability for players to play through multiple times and not experience the same systems and such twice.

As far as performance, Rebel Galaxy on PS4 and Xbox One should mirror the PC version, in terms of look and content. All three versions uses the same assets and shader effects according to the developer, and the console versions both run at a native 1080p and target 30 frames-per-second. This is the main difference between the platforms, however, as Rebel Galaxy supports higher resolutions and framerates on PC. Additionally, the custom soundtrack feature found on the PC version is absent from Rebel Galaxy on console, but that is merely due to the way consoles work.

Rebel Galaxy was developed by Double Damage Games, a two-man studio founded by Erich Shaefer and Travis Baldree, both industry veterans. Erich previously co-founded Blizzard North, where he helped create Diablo, later co-founding the studio that made Hellgate: London. Travis created Fate, and the two helped to co-found Runic Games, the developers of the much lauded Torchlight series. While Rebel Galaxy was built with the help of contractors as well, Erich and Travis are at the heart of the development, an impressive feat considering in reality, such a small team created a not-quite-so-small game.

Console owners won’t have to put down a full $60 for this game, either. Rebel Galaxy is a lot for the $20 price tag that the studio is asking, but fans should find plenty of enjoyment out for the money. For fans looking to live out their Cowboy Bebop fantasy or become the next Han Solo, Rebel Galaxy may give you what you’re looking for.

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[Images via Double Damage Games]