‘Downton Abbey’ Spoilers: Final Season Ups And Downs

Krista Clark - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 5:02 a.m. ET

Downton Abbey spoilers are sure to abound in this final season as eager fans try to discover what will come of the characters they have come to love. Some hints at what may be coming in season 6 were provided in the trailer.

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The trailer showed us portions of some scenes we saw in episode 1 of the season. One was the opening scene in which Lord Grantham and Mary are on horseback in a hunt. Mary sees a mystery woman in this scene. The mystery woman turns out to be a worker at the hotel in which Mary spent a scandalous night with Lord Gillingham. The woman tries to blackmail Mary, but Lord Grantham comes to his daughter’s rescue and ends up with greater respect for her than he had before.

We also saw Lord Grantham apparently more willing to move into the future than he has been before. He discusses a need for reduced Downton Abbey staff with both Carson and the Dowager, both of whom are more reluctant to embrace the reality of the 1920s.

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In last week’s episode, we also saw Carson and Mrs. Pattmore having a conversation about marital sex that was awkward, humorous, and touching all at once. We all breathed a sigh of relief when Crawleys and servants alike danced in the Downton Abbey kitchen in joy at the news of Anna and Mr. Bates finally being off the hook fo the murder of the evil Mr. Green. But the problem-ridden couple isn’t carefree yet as we also learned that Anna has had a series of miscarriages.


In a scene that left many Downton Abbey fans teary eyed yet again, Carson kissed Mrs. Hughes on the forehead as they settled the awkward sex issue and agreed to set a date for their long-awaited wedding.

The Downton Abbey season 6 trailer also includes scenes we have yet to see. Some show a happy Mary or Edith (who we would all love to see happy for once) or characters saying an apparent farewell to Downton Abbey.

Spoilers to follow. Do not read any further if you don’t wish to be spoiled.

This week saw the release of a preview of the second episode of this last season of Downton Abbey.

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It raises many questions; some continue existing storylines, and some seem to show developments we have yet to see. Combined with some spoilers that can be found on the internet, it seems this week’s episode of Downton Abbey will be yet another fans won’t want to miss.

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There are scenes in the Downton Abbey season 6, episode 2 preview that show Edith possibly in love. We have not seen this yet, but there are also scenes of her at what appears to be a fair with Marigold and a shot of Mrs. Drew kissing Marigold’s hands. There have been hints around the internet that Marigold may be kidnapped, perhaps at this fair and perhaps by Mrs. Drew, who was very reluctant to relinquish her to her mother. It appears that the series may have a mixed ending for Edith, lucky in love but unlucky with Marigold.

Downton Abbey spoilers have also made their way to the internet that indicate that Mrs. Hughes and Carson will argue over where to have their wedding reception and the unfamiliar territory they will find themselves in as they require others to provide for them. This won’t to be a source of any kind of major conflict, but will be fun to watch. These two deserve to be together and in love.


In a happy turn for another couple who deserves happiness, the preview for the next episode of Downton Abbey shows Mary taking Anna to a doctor in London to talk about her miscarriages. He was able to help Mary and Matthew get pregnant, let’s hope he can do the same for Anna and Mr. Bates. And let’s hope that this is not a foreshadowing event signalling a turn of events for Mr. Bates that mirrors Matthew’s fate.

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