Josh Duggar Drops Bombshell About Danica Dillon, Will He Be Let Off The Hook?

Josh Duggar may have been at the center of controversy last year, but this year he’s standing his ground. Although Josh has been relatively silent about his sex scandal involving Danica Dillon, he’s now speaking out with his side of the story, and the bombshell he’s just dropped has sparked a media firestorm. According to In Touch Weekly, Josh Duggar now claims he never had sexual intercourse with Danica Dillon.

For those who missed it, Josh Duggar and Danica Dillon have been at odds for quite some time. It all started when Dillon, a stripper and adult film star, accused Josh of battery. According to the lawsuit, Dillon claimed the sexual encounter was so aggressive, she “felt like she was being raped,” reports TMZ. However, Josh Duggar argues otherwise. Not only is he refuting the claims, but he’s also insisting that he “never even laid eyes on her.”

However, that’s not all. Josh Duggar reportedly has an “air-tight” alibi to support his claims. Apparently, he insists he wasn’t even in Pennsylvania the night Danica Dillon claims the assault took place.

Josh Duggar’s latest claims follow a recent Television Critics’ Association panel discovery where TLC executives addressed the sex scandal involving the 19 Kids and Counting family. On Thursday, Jan. 7, TLC’s executive vice president and general manager, Nancy Daniels, addressed the situation involving Josh Duggar. According to Huffington Post, Daniels, who spoke on behalf of the network, admitted that the network has had its challenges due to the series of events that led to the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting.

“Every decision we’ve made has been done very thoughtfully and very carefully about what is in the best interests of the people involved and the network,” Daniels said. “Our first priority is making sure that there’s a health and well-being of our families first and foremost. We feature stories of different families with real people and real things happen.”

Josh Duggar has been in a rehabilitation facility in Rockford, Illinois, since August of last year. Over the past couple months, he’s also had a number of other life complications. In the wake of the molestation scandal, Josh and his wife Anna Duggar also faced marital problems that led to their separation.

Although the Duggar family doesn’t believe in divorce, Anna Duggar has come severely close to making that daunting decision to walk away from Josh Duggar and dissociate herself from the family’s scandal. It has been reported that Jim Bob Duggar has made a gratuitous effort to persuade Anna not to file for divorce. According to Hollywood Life, the family patriarch purchased a home for his son and daughter-in-law in an effort to help ease the marital tension, but to no avail. Anna Duggar has said that she’ll be supporting Josh Duggar throughout this difficult time, but she has not made many trip to visit him since he’s been in rehab.

At this point, no one really knows how Josh Duggar’s legal battle will turn out. Although Josh claims to have an alibi, he has confessed to the molestation allegation and admitted that he has a pornography addiction. These factors could play a vital role in the outcome of his the case. But only time will tell.

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