Tila Tequila Really And Truly Believes The World Is Flat — Wants Real Proof It Is Round

Tila Tequila is a reality television star who has gone around the world doing different things, starring on various shows, and making her name known on the social scene. She has also truly made her name known on the social media scene, but her latest tweets are getting the most attention. Tila Tequila honestly believes the world is flat, and she is demanding proof for the argument that it is round.

Yes, let that sink in for a second.

Not only does she believe the world is flat, but she is refuting many attempts of people proving to her that the world is round.

It also looks as if she is attempting to get the hashtag of #FlatEarth trending because she uses it in every single tweet she posts about this topic.

For anyone that has even glanced at her Twitter account before, it’s not like a lot she tweets even makes sense. Not just that, but she also seems to tweet something or another every few minutes at the very most.

Tila tequila earth is flat round
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While Mercury News believes that Tila Tequila is actually a robot and just tweeting out at random, this idea that the Earth is flat isn’t just a publicity stunt. The 34-year-old has started throwing some “hard-hitting” evidence out there to help back up her point and shoots down others’ claims and proof of a round world as “fake science.”

Her frame of mind also should make people realize that she’s actually trying to save lives.

People are sending her pictures from the space stations and other such things to show Earth from above, but she is still shooting them down. For one particular orbiting image of our planet, Tequila said she didn’t ask for a “CGI fake picture.”

She insisted that the Twitter user “take a picture of the flat horizon w/ur phone.”

Tila Tequila has also shot down that NASA telling you things about the world being round because you they aren’t experts. She just thinks that everything taken by them and shown to the world are nothing by more “fake CGI space pics.”

earth flat tila tequila
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The Washington Post went and pretty much penned a letter to Tila Tequila to help correct her theory of a “Flat Earth.” They delve into the curvature of the Earth, which Tequila doesn’t believe really exists, and detailed how it really does.

The author is even sympathetic to the fact that many people do believe the same things she is currently wondering about. It’s hard to comprehend everything that tiny human beings have to take in on a planet that is nearly 8,000 miles across.

Scientific evidence is put forth, and it is hard for many people to have that go over your own personal beliefs, but the proof is out there. The good news, according to Tila Tequila, is that falling off of this flat Earth won’t happen because the outer edges have “huge ice caps all around it so no one can escape.”

Thank goodness.

Tila Tequila has her own frame of mind and beliefs, just like everyone else in the flat or round world, but she has an audience that is bigger than some. Her latest conspiracy theory is going out to her more than 35,000 followers and likely sinking into some, but it’s only a matter of time until another thought comes to the front.

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