Charlie Hunnam Spotted Dining Without Longtime Love In Vegas, Fueling Speculation Relationship Is On The Rocks

Charlie Hunnam recently made a public appearance with a few friends in Las Vegas. While the Sons of Anarchy star appeared to be high in spirits, his longtime love, Morgana McNelis, did not accompany Hunnam to the city. The absence of Hunnam’s girlfriend has only added to the speculation that the couple is experiencing troubles in their relationship.

According to the Las Vegas Informer, Hunnam was spotted at a dinner date with Chuck Zito and Richard Wilk at the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse. As fans will recall, Zito played the part of Frankie Diamonds on Sons of Anarchy. For his part, Wilk is the executive of D Casino in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Sun released a picture of the men that features Hunnam posing beside Zito and Wilk inside the restaurant. Hunnam wore casual blue jeans, a dark blue button-up sweater, and a hat during the outing.

A number of other acquaintances joined Hunnam and his friends at the restaurant. The group ordered salads, a side of crab cakes, a round of steaks, and few bottles of Red Wine. Following the meal, witnesses told the outlet that Hunnam expressed his delight with the food and stated that he left the waiter a large tip. Naturally, a host of fans hung out for hours at the restaurant with the hopes of getting a photo with the Hollywood hunk.

Charlie Hunnam, Chuck Zito and Richard Wilk at the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse. [Image via Twitter]
Charlie Hunnam, Chuck Zito, and Richard Wilk at the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse. [Image via Twitter]

The Las Vegas sighting follows Hunnam’s appearance in Los Angeles over the holidays. In contrast to his excitement in Las Vegas, Hunnam looked fairly down while he made his way through the city. In the photos released by the Daily Mail, Hunnam sported a pair of sweats with a casual grey sweater and a dark beanie.

Like his outing in Las Vegas, Charlie Hunnam roamed through a shopping district alone and appeared to be finishing up his Christmas purchases. Given his unhappy demeanor, many speculated that perhaps things were amiss between Hunnam and McNelis.

However, there may have been another reason why Hunnam appeared to be low in spirits. Hunnam recently worked with Guy Ritchie in the director’s upcoming film, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur. Unfortunately, the movie has been pushed back to a 2017 premiere date, which may have been the reason why Hunnam looked unhappy.

Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur stars Erica Bana, Jude Law, Katie McGrath, Annabelle Wallis, Djimon Hounsou, Hermione Corfield, and Aiden Gillen.

Meanwhile, the current status of Hunnam’s’ relationship with McNelis remains unclear. Based on the fact that the two have not been spotted together in recent months, there is a chance that the two are going through a rough patch. That being said, the couple has been together for quite a long time now and have managed to keep their relationship strong throughout the years.

Charlie Hunnam recently wrapped 'The Lost City of Z' with Robert Pattinson. [Image via Instagram]
Charlie Hunnam recently wrapped ‘The Lost City of Z’ with Robert Pattinson. [Image via Instagram]

With that in mind, McNelis discussed her relationship with Hunnam in an interview with Taylor Magazine. In particular, McNelis explained what she thinks are the main keys to keeping a relationship healthy.

“I think the key to maintaining a good balance is creating a safe space within the relationship for both partners in which to grow and evolve,” she told the magazine. “It’s very important to be present and participate in each other’s experiences so that falling in love doesn’t happen just once, it continues to happen over and over.”

McNelis and Hunnam first started dating each other back in 2007. Neither of them has addressed the rumors surrounding their relationship. Although the couple tends to keep their private life out of the limelight, fans can hold out hope that they will come out and address the reports before long.

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]