Harry Styles Gym Reveal Sparks Lusty Reactions — See His Shirtless Workout Look

Harry Styles spent the New Year on a yacht with a selection of celebrity friends, and was even seen making out with Victoria’s Secret stunner Kendall Jenner, as reported by Vanity Fair.

The long-haired heartthrob from Homes Chapel managed to look fit and toned even in the midst of any New Year’s indulgence that may have taken place. Harry was photographed with all his distinctive tattoos on display and his upper body looking impressively tight given the festive time of year.


We assume this Harry-watcher was being sarcastic when she chided the One Direction singer for “looking a bit fat.”


Today it emerged that Harry Styles is back in the gym with trainer Mark Jarvis, who reportedly works with some of the top MMA fighters in the U.K. Perhaps regular boxing-based upper-body routines are the secret weapons that allow the fit hunk to keep his pec-separation dip looking truly cavernous.

It’s a good thing too — Harold is rarely seen without his trademark unbuttoned shirt, and the topography of his tanned chest has been memorized by millions of lusty One Direction-watchers.

Fans and casual Harry-watchers have also become accustomed to seeing the silver crucifix that hangs without fail on a silver chain against the heartthrob’s chest. The combination of Harry’s raw sex appeal and the religious artifact is truly intoxicating — oglers who zero in on that exposed triangle of skin on Harry’s chest are also confronted with a weighty piece of Christian iconography.

Harry is not shy about shattering taboos, and that is part of his appeal. The One Direction star is known for his gender-bending style choices, as reported by Glamour Magazine. Harry has expressed his support for gay rights and animal welfare, and is a self-professed feminist. His long hair is also a little gender-bending, especially when paired with the feminine bootcut trousers the One Direction star is not afraid to wear. If there’s one thing Harry can do, it’s make a statement.


When the Homes Chapel hottie is not hitting the town in jaw-dropping ensembles, he can often be seen hitting the gym. Harry made headlines earlier this year by revealing that he is a fan of bullet coffees — strong shots of coffee taken in the morning, mixed with coconut milk. The idea is that the hit of caffeine will wake you up so well you will be buzzing until lunchtime, and that is when you will have your first meal.

This video of Harry Styles training shows how hard the One Direction star goes. He describes working out for an hour in the evening, sleeping for four hours, then having breakfast and working out some more.


Harry reveals that he works out with the aim of “feeling sore.”

“I love pain” the One Direction star declares in a breathy tone at the very end.

Harry Styles watchers seemed pleased to learn that the star was back in the gym with trainer Mark Jarvis. Fans begged the MMA trainer for a shot of shirtless Harry going hard during training. Some described being distracted by Harry Styles during their own workout sessions. One person countered that they were inspired by the thought of a very r-rated tryst with Harry, and another expressed a desire to “climb Harry Styles’ legs like a gym class rope.”





Hopefully the One Direction star is managing his fitness routine and not powering his body solely with bullet coffees — if he keeps that up, the One Direction star will look fit indeed at his next public appearance, but we may be seeing a very hangry Harry.

Is Harry Styles super-fit?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]