ODO Denim Has Invented A Chic New Line Of Jeans And T-Shirts That Will Change Your Life

Tabitha Britt - Author

Jan. 8 2016, Updated 9:00 p.m. ET

What if we lived in a world where wearing our favorite pair of jeans day after day was not only socially, economically, and environmentally acceptable, but totally attainable without stepping foot into a laundry room? Well, now denim company ODO Denim has made that dream a reality.

ODO Denim has finally created an anti-stink/anti-stain fabric. That’s right – let that sink in for a minute.

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According to Time, the inspiration for the jeans came from a statement made by Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh in a 2014 appearance at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference, in which Bergh implored customers to stop washing their jeans.

“These jeans have yet to see a washing machine,” he said at the time of the pair he was wearing. “I have yet to get a skin disease.”

Bergh’s comments highlighted a key fact for ODO’s founder, Salaman Chaudry, – insurmountable amounts of fresh water are used to not only wash, but to produce jeans that break down faster, creating a vicious cycle.

It was then that Chaudry realized that if he could eliminate bacteria from jeans he could eliminate the smell (and the need to wash) the jeans.

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ODO has created this new and amazing fabric with a patent-pending, Odorless Silver Technology that uses 99.9 percent pure metallic silver bonded polymer to permanently kill the odor-producing bacteria for the life of the denim, which means you could feasibly wear your favorite jeans from morning until night without omitting even the slightest bacteria-ridden scent.

“We’re weaving silver right inside the fabric. It’s permanent,” Chaudry told Time.

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“It’s not a layer or coating on top, it’s a part of the fabric itself. Even if you wash it a hundred times the silver won’t go away. It’ll last for the life of the garment.”

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In the presence of sweat, the silver in the fabric releases an infinite supply of positively charged silver ions throughout the life-span of the fabric. These ions then penetrate the surface of negatively charged bacteria and disrupt the cell division. Silver ions prevent bacteria from breeding further preventing the denim from smelling, which is pretty awesome.

In addition to ODO’s patent-pending Odorless Silver Technology, this fabric also has a strong hydrophobic surface created by a mind-blowing, and self-cleaning, Stain Repellent Technology.

ODO explains the self-cleaning technology on its website as a natural process.

In nature, the leaves of certain plants remain clean because dirt cannot adhere to their finely-structured surfaces and is easily washed off by rain. It is this self-cleaning effect that ODO is using to create the ultimate pair of jeans – through a nanotechnology called NanoSphere. Which means ketchup, water, coffee, booze, and whatever else you consume on a weekly basis doesn’t have a chance.

“At ODO, we believe in fashion that doesn’t hurt the planet,” the ODO website reads. “We have worked hard to redefine how we wear jeans. ODO costs as much as any other pair of jeans, but what it does for the planet is priceless.”

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The website reads, “Our mission: Creating an intelligent solution of conserving water without changing your lifestyle. Our Vision: Join the denim revolution and save water fashionably.”

According to the brand’s Kickstarter video, ODO Denim clothing can last for months without being washed. But, in an effort to prove itself to the world, ODO Denim is one-upping its own claim with a challenge from ODO marketing director Mike Harsch: if a customer is able to get their ODO jeans to smell bad within one year without a wash, he promises to send them a brand new pair for free.

With just 21 days to go, the ODO Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than $160,000, which is more than 10 times its initial goal of $10,000. Early backers on Kickstarter are eligible to receive a stain-proof scarf for $25, a T-shirt for $35, or a pair of jeans for $109, though supplies are limited.

The company plans on distributing and shipping its products around May or June of this year.

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