Liam Payne Still Hasn’t Emerged, But His Sister Sure Has

One Direction star Liam Payne has been keeping a very low profile in recent weeks. Liam is normally pretty active on social media, but since One Direction finished the promotional tour for their fifth album, Payne has been celebrating his break by really taking a break. Liam popped up on Twitter to wish his fans a happy Christmas and used Instagram to wish BFF Louis Tomlinson a happy birthday. Shortly after Christmas, Liam set the entire One Direction aquiver when he posted evidence that he had already slayed any Christmas weight gain.

Christmas weight dusted!!

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Since that picture was posted Liam has disappeared. Of course Payne’s fans will be delighted that 22-year-old Liam is taking the opportunity to relax and spend some quality time with his family. After nine months on the road and a promotional tour for the new album, Liam and his pals are bound to be close to the end of their endurance, and the music industry award season is set to begin.

Liam is not usually restrained on social media when something gets under his skin. Many of Payne’s fans will be surprised that Liam managed to restrain himself from making a comment on Zayn Malik’s Billboard interview. If the comments made in the article were actually said by Malik, then many One Direction fans will be upset. Most will support Malik when he says that he refuses to be censored any more. This is something that many fans have recognized for years, so Malik’s comment that he was overworked and didn’t have the freedom to say what he wanted will resonate with many.

“It was like a f—ing machine going constantly.

“We weren’t allowed to say certain things, or word [lyrics] the way we would want to. I’d sit and wonder, ‘If the fans knew how it worked, what would they think?’ My argument was: People are more intelligent than that. They want to hear what’s real, so why don’t we write some stuff that we’re actually going through?”

That said, some of Malik’s comments, especially about One Direction’s first album without him, were not well received. Payne and Malik are believed to still be in contact, but Liam’s fans will be wondering how Payne has managed to hold his tongue. Liam, after all, is the king of the social media roast.

It may be that Liam didn’t feel the need to speak up because his little sister has obviously been taking slaying lessons. Sugarscape reports that Liam’s sister Ruth Payne used Twitter to slay Malik, but she did it in such an incredibly nice way that Malik was left with no room for a comeback.

Clearly, when Ruth Payne is on the job, Liam has no need to raise his head above the parapet. Talk about an iron fist in a velvet glove. Ruth managed to slay Malik without shading him.

We working! @fakeliampayne

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In other Liam Payne news, the Mirror has reported that Liam has joined Louis Tomlinson in recording voice parts for an appearance in adult cartoon series Family Guy. The episode featuring One Direction is slated for screening this May. Finally, it seems that we may not have to wait too much longer before we get to hear some of the music that Liam worked on with rapper Juicy J.

MTV reports that Juicy released a short video on Snapchat asking who wanted to hear his collaboration with Liam. Hopefully, that means we will be hearing some new tunes from Payne in the not-too-distant future.

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