Britney Spears Allegedly Hits Back On Instagram: ‘You’re Not A Fan!’

Britney Spears is allegedly hitting back at a fan who called her out on social media following her unexpected absence from the People’s Choice Awards absence on January 6.

Buzzfeed is reporting that a fan sent Britney a direct message on Instagram to question her whereabouts, to which she supposedly replied by calling the Instagram user “rude” and “not a fan.”

According to the site, a member of the Britney Spears’ fan site wasn’t so thrilled that Britney skipped out on the big awards show earlier this week and even accused her of faking illness to avoid the public appearance.

Posting a screenshot of the alleged Instagram conversation on, the Britney fan wrote in the message to Spears, “WHY did you not attend the PCAs? Why do you not care about your fans or career? We’ve been through so much, and you couldn’t even tell us before the show ended?” Buzzfeed is reporting that the user then bluntly asked Britney, “Are you even sick?”

That’s when Spears allegedly lost her cool and called out the user with a pretty sharp reply on the photo sharing site.

“I am sick in bed!! My doctor advised me to stay home I care about my fans you don’t know me stop acting like you do [sic],” Spears supposedly wrote in reply, adding, “That was absolutely rude of you to say… you’re not a fan.”

However, while there’s no doubting Britney hasn’t been shy about her love of Instagram over the past few months, the authenticity of the message has been dividing fans online.

While Buzzfeed obtained a video supposedly showing the fan receiving and opening the message on their smartphone, other Britney Spears fans have been quick to shut down the exchange as nothing but a pretty elaborate hoax.

“Lol at fans actually believing that instagram cr*p from that exhale user!” Twitter user @lara344 wrote on the 140-character site, “Britney would never respond back like that.”

Yet other Britney fans appeared to be a little more trusting of the supposed Instagram exchange. “LMAO Britney dragged someone on Instagram for complaining about her not going to be PCAs. it’s Britney, b**** [sic],” @hennyspears wrote, while @snookercrunk added, “I’m living for Britney clocking that fan on Instagram for calling her lazy LMAO.”

While it’s still unclear if the message actually came from Spears herself, NewNowNext reported just last month that Britney recently gained more access to her social media accounts, which are thought to have previously been run by Spears’ team.

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The site even stated at the time that the “Hold It Against Me” singer is “scrubbing off the facade of celebrity and presenting a less… filtered version of who the Queen really is” on Instagram, which would definitely explain the very unfiltered message she’s alleged to have sent earlier this week.

But while Britney is still yet to confirm or deny whether or not she was behind the mysterious message, she did reveal on Twitter following the awards show on January 6 that her absence from the People’s Choice Awards, where she ironically won a PCA for Favorite Social Media Celebrity, was in fact down to illness.

Alongside the hashtag #PeoplesChoiceAwards, Britney told her Twitter followers, “I wish I could have been at the People’s Choice Awards tonight but I started feeling sick. Thank you so much for voting me Favorite Social Media Celebrity!”

Spears then added that her award was “dedicated to [her] fans,” known as “the Britney Army,” before adding, “remember to be kind online and spread love” alongside a red heart emoji and the hashtag “#ThankYou!”

Do you think Britney Spears really sent the direct message to the fan?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]