Corrina Hopkinson: 16-Year-Old Girl Fat Shamed By McDonald’s Employee After Ordering Six Burgers And Six Fries

A 16-year-old was left in tears after a McDonald’s worker fat shamed her when she ordered six burgers and six fries, according to the Daily Mail. On December 30, 2015, Corrina Hopkinson of Shoreham, Sussex in Great Britain was sent into her local McDonald’s by her mother to order food for the family. When she told a woman behind the counter what she wanted, the McDonald’s employee shouted the order to her co-workers saying, “Six cheeseburgers. I’m not joking this time. This fat woman wants six burgers,” causing her co-workers to laugh at the teen.

Corrina told the workers, “They’re not just for me. They’re for my brother and sisters.” But, the McDonald’s employees continued laughing. That’s when the teen quickly walked out of the fast food restaurant in tears. When the teen told her mom, Sabrina Hopkinson, that she was fat shamed by a McDonald’s worker, she was furious. Her mother said she went back to the restaurant and confronted the manager, who said the incident did not take place after reviewing the restaurant’s CCTV footage. However, it was brought to Sabrina’s attention that the “CCTV system did not record sound.”

Girl fat shamed by McDonalds for ordering 6 burgers

— Union Times (@UnionTimesorg) January 8, 2016

The stay-at-home mother of four said, “Normally we have home-cooked meals, but once in a while I let them have a treat. I have a problem getting Jack to eat so when he says he wants something, I let him have it because of the way he is with food. He got given £5 from his grandma for Christmas so I said he could go to McDonald’s.”

“I gave my daughter some money and said they could go down and get a few burgers because it was the holidays. I don’t think six burgers for four people is over the top, but the girl behind the counter shouted back, ‘six cheeseburgers. I’m not joking this time. This fat woman wants six burgers.'”

According to the McDonald’s website, one of their cheeseburgers is an aggregate of 301 calories and a regular size fry would be 337 calories. If someone consumed six burgers and six fries, that would equal almost 4,000 calories, well over a healthy daily calorie intake. Although the teen was with her brother, Jack, 10, as she ordered the food, the McDonald’s employee assumed it was for her and began to fat shame her.

“My daughter gets embarrassed and upset and doesn’t speak up for herself, so being a protective mother, I went down there and let rip,” said Sabrina. “The manager kept apologizing but she wouldn’t let me speak to the girl who had said it, even though I knew she was hiding around the back.”

When Sabrina’s boyfriend learned about Corrina being fat shamed by a McDonald’s employee, he went to the fast food restaurant himself, “because he wanted something to be done about it.” However, the McDonald’s manager was reluctant to deal with the situation, and therefore called the Sussex police. According to the Mirror, no arrests were made as police officials stated that it was “not a police matter and simply a civil dispute which did not require the police.”

“In this day and age, you wouldn’t expect it. I used to work in McDonald’s when I was young and I would never have dreamed of speaking to a customer like that. I would’ve been sacked straight away.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said that the allegations about a McDonald’s employee fat shaming a teen customer is entirely false. They added, “We took this claim very seriously and our investigation shows that this did not take place. We have reviewed the restaurant CCTV footage and engaged the local police following the threats made against our employees connected to the incident.”

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