‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Faces Big Decisions, Steffy Struggles, And Ivy Makes Another Plea

There is more relationship drama on the way in Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers detail that Steffy will continue to to lean on Wyatt in the wake of her latest issues with Liam, while Ivy takes one more stab at winning Liam back. What can viewers expect from the January 8 show?

According to She Knows Soaps, there will be a bit more discussion between Liam and Ivy on the plane in Australia. As viewers saw on Thursday, Liam called Steffy as soon as he could get a signal to try to explain what happened. However, as soon as he said he had been stuck on the plane heading to Sydney, Steffy hung up on him.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler preview for Friday’s show teases Ivy telling Liam one more time just how much she loves him. She adds that no matter where they end up, she will always love him. Liam tries once again to be gentle with her in telling her that someday she will find the guy who is perfect for her. Most B&B fans will imagine that these words won’t be enough to shut this pursuit of Ivy’s down, though.

Back in Los Angeles, Steffy is both angry and devastated over the rift in her relationship with Liam. Thanks to Quinn’s pushing, Wyatt is right there to lend his support. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Steffy will talk about how Ivy is always playing the victim and how she made sure to grab this last opportunity to stick it to Steffy and steal Liam away.

Wyatt has been playing the supportive friend in the wake of Liam’s disappearance and it doesn’t look like that is stopping anytime soon. While he initially was telling his mother he wasn’t interested in once again battling his brother for a woman like has happened more than once before, Wyatt certainly seems to be making a fairly aggressive play for Steffy while Liam is away.

While Ivy may not want to give up on Liam, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will be quickly hopping on a plane to head back to Los Angeles. According to CBS Soaps in Depth, this flight back may have quite the impact on Liam.

Liam will end up sitting next to a passenger named Howard and the two have quite the conversation. Howard is being played by actor Orson Bean, who happens to be the real-life husband to Alley Mills who plays Pam on B&B. It seems that Howard ends up sharing some valuable insight with Liam.

Howard may be a bit of an old grump, but as Liam badgers him with ongoing conversation, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Howard may have some useful insight on relationships for Liam to consider. Bean appears on both Friday and Monday’s episodes.

Also ahead on Friday’s show will be a bit more drama for Zende and Nicole. She is struggling with this pregnancy, and Sasha is clearly poising herself to step in and steal Zende’s attention. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that during this show, Nicole will realize that her relationship with Zende has issues that go beyond the pregnancy. Are these two on the verge of a split?

Will Liam work through his issues with Steffy as soon as he returns home, or will he have second thoughts about his engagement? Will Steffy be swayed by Wyatt’s constant attention and let things cross a line, or will she stay focused on repairing things with Liam? Fans will be anxious to see just where things head on this front as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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