Josh Duggar: Danica Dillon Is A Liar! TLC Forced To Respond To Josh Duggar Scandals [Video]

Josh Duggar has responded again to the Danica Dillon lawsuit, effectively calling the adult film star a liar. In documents filed by Duggar attorneys, Josh claims that not only did he never have sex with Danica, he wasn’t even in the state at the time.

Earlier this week, Josh responded to Dillon’s $500,000 lawsuit, which claims that the two had sex in a Pennsylvania hotel after Duggar agreed to pay her $1,500. Although the sex was consensual, according to Danica (who’s real last name is Stamm-Northup), it was so rough that she felt she was being raped. In his initial response, his lawyers asked for the lawsuit to be moved to federal court since neither party is a resident of Pennsylvania.

Josh Duggar also filed a motion to dismiss based on a lack of evidence, which was denied. According to Radar Online, because his dismissal was denied, Josh must tell a court judge all the details of his encounter with the stripper by January 20. If Josh doesn’t reply, it means big problems with the Pennsylvania judge.

A pre-trial hearing is set for the very next day, January 21.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the judge wrote on January 6 in response to the motion to dismiss, “We decline to grant Duggar’s motion to dismiss at this early stage of litigation, where Stamm-Northup alleges Duggar treated her roughly, caused physical injuries, and she felt ‘as if she were being raped.'”

Now, according to TMZ, attorneys for Josh Duggar claim that the reality star has an air-tight alibi and can prove he wasn’t even in Pennsylvania on the dates Danica claims the pair met up at the hotel. Duggar also asserts he’s never even been to the hotel in question, let alone stayed there. Josh Duggar further claims that he’s never been to the strip club where he and the adult film star supposedly met.

It’s been a rough year for Josh Duggar, and the Danica Dillon lawsuit is just one nail in the proverbial coffin. Earlier this year, after news broke that Josh molested several young girls, including two of his sisters, when he was a teenager, the Duggar family was taken off the air and forced to respond publicly to the family closet skeleton. Just a few months later, Josh admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna, using the infidelity site Ashley Madison.

Josh admitted to having two accounts and also copped to a pornography addiction. He has been in faith-based rehab since August.

At a press conference in Pasadena, TLC was called to the mat over this year’s scandals, which include not just Josh Duggar but also scandals surrounding its show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which was immediately cancelled after revelations that Mama June reconciled with an old boyfriend who went to prison for child molestation.

While TLC was at the conference to introduce a brand new show, network manager Nancy Daniels was instead asked to respond to all the Josh Duggar scandals. According to Daniels, the network acted “immediately” to respond to the crisis and sought out the advice of well-established non-profits to help appropriately handle the situations.

Affirming that the network’s “first priority with all our shows is ensuring the health and well-being of our families,” TLC sought the advice of “RAINN and Darkness to Light, two very well-respected nonprofits involved in this area to figure out the appropriate response” to the Josh Duggar and Honey Boo Boo scandals.

Daniels also highlighted that although “we’ve had a couple of big, very public incidents surrounding our families,” every decision made by the network was “very carefully and very thoughtfully” weighed. She also said she is “very comfortable” with every decision TLC made during the scandals.

She also noted that although the Duggars are currently off air, TLC has not officially cut ties with the family. When pressed about whether Jill And Jessa: Counting On will return, Daniels replied that no decisions have been made but said that the show received high ratings.

What do you think? Did Josh Duggar meet up with Danica Dillon? Should the Duggars come back or should TLC let them go? Leave your comment below!

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