Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tom Coughlin Could Be On Team’s List For Next Head Coach

The Philadelphia Eagles are rumored to be staying within the division to find their next head coach with reports that Tom Coughlin could be on their list.

The Eagles have been incredibly busy since firing Chip Kelly before the conclusion of the season and with putting feelers out to some of the most in-demand coaching prospects. The team interviewed Chicago Bears assistant Adam Gase and Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo.

While there’s a good chance the team will go with one of the young up-and-comers, Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells has another old-timer in mind: Tom Coughlin.

“I know guys Tom Coughlin’s age who know a whole lot more about football than some of the 30 year olds who are coaching it,” Parcells said, when asked during a radio interview on 97.5 FM The Fanatic. “Tom isn’t just a good friend, but I have experience coaching with him that goes back a long time. I think his record pretty much speaks for itself.

“They struggled the last few years. We know that. I think that he can do whatever he wants to do. I don’t think there’s a number or age on what someone is capable of. If he has the energy to do the job and still knows what he’s doing, then age shouldn’t be a factor.”

It seemed clear from his final press conference with the New York Giants that Coughlin was not ready to go gently into that good night. Both he and the team insinuated that his resignation was not voluntary, and that Coughlin faced a quit-or-be-fired option.

Coughlin aadded that he was “not necessarily” done with coaching, but would not go into specifics about his plans for this year.

“I didn’t say that, I just said I’m not necessarily done with coaching,” he said (via “Thank you very much for asking.”

While the Philadelphia Eagles rumors are touching on Tom Coughlin, it appears that Gase has a more inside track. He has already interviewed once with the team and may already have a second interview (depending on which report you read).

Gase could be a good fit for a team searching for a quarterback. Coughlin had the luxury of Eli Manning for the last 12 seasons, and would be joining a Philadelphia team with an oft-injured Sam Bradford and a very uncertain future.

While Adam Gase may be the toast of the NFL right now, he is still entirely unproven as a head coach. And as Bill Parcells points out, no one knows which coordinators are going to be successful as head coaches. Two years ago Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine was in the same situation as Adam Gase, but two unsuccessful seasons and one giant quarterback mess with the Cleveland Browns later and he’s out of a job.

“There are those that will eventually be successful… Then there are the bus stations full of robbers,” Parcells said. “It’s just philosophically what the organization wants. A guy that’s been a head coach with experience has been through a lot of things the hot coordinator’s going to have to learn on the job. I can’t specifically look out and say ‘hey, there’s a guy and he’d be a great guy.’ I just don’t know.”

If the Philadelphia Eagles rumors about Tom Coughlin are true, they may risk losing out on Adam Gase when gauging the former Giants coach’s interest. Gase is being pursued by at least three other teams, and taking a step back from the process could meant the Eagles would lose out.

[Picture by Al Bello/Getty Images]