Kathy Hilton Lashes Out At Kyle Richards And Lisa Vanderpump? Agrees Alexia Had More Sense Than Adults

Has Kathy Hilton lashed out at her sister Kyle Richards and her The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Lisa Vanderpump for talking about her and her daughter’s wedding on a recent episode? On Wednesday, Kathy posted a tweet in which she seemed to warn others not to aggravate her.

Kathy warned to not poke the bear.


In response to one person who responded that it’s “shameful on everyone’s part,” Kathy replied that it’s a shame that no one knows the truth.


When the same person followed up by stating that the way “it” was made public reflects poorly on the entire family, Kathy said that she agrees and is trying to take the high road.


In response to another person who said that Alexia had more sense than the adults, Kathy agreed.


The last tweet pretty much confirms that what has Kathy Hilton riled up is the fact that she was portrayed in a negative light after the subject of her daughter’s wedding came up on an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the episode, Lisa Vanderpump called Kyle Richards and asked if she needed her to bring her a dress to wear to Nicky Hilton’s wedding in London. The plan was for Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, to vacation with Kyle and her family in Italy before Kyle went on to London for Nicky’s wedding to James Rothschild. Kyle hesitated and said that she didn’t need a dress anymore. After Lisa prodded a bit, Kyle finally said that she was told that it was better for her to not go to the wedding anymore.


In an interview, Kyle admitted that Kathy told her not to come.

“Obviously this is not something that makes me feel good but it’s Nicky’s day and my sister Kathy’s day, as the mother of the bride so I have to respect her decision.”

Later, during a group dinner in Tuscany, Lisa voiced her disagreement that Kyle, who was invited to the wedding again, made the decision to go, despite the fact that her husband, Mauricio Umansky, and their two middle daughters, Sophia and Alexia Umansky, still couldn’t go. Kyle said that she was going because she wants to see her niece walk down the aisle and that Mauricio told her to go. After Ken said that he couldn’t understand why Sophia and Alexia weren’t going, Mauricio said that the girls’ exclusion was “unfortunate.” Kyle’s daughters looked on uncomfortably as the conversation continued. Alexia finally spoke up and said that they should stop talking about it.

In her interview, Kyle said that Mauricio wasn’t going because there has been a lot of “tension” in the family and Alexia and Sophia weren’t going because of a no-child policy.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it has been reported that the reason for the family “tension” between Kyle and Kathy is because of a feud between Mauricio and Kathy’s husband, Rick Hilton, resulting from Mauricio leaving Rick’s real estate agency and starting his own one years ago. The tension has also been attributed to Kyle’s decision to air a TV show based on her life growing up with her sisters, a decision that Kathy reportedly doesn’t approve of.

Last week, Rick Hilton spoke out on the family drama, confirming that he and Kathy Hilton are upset by what was shown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rick even claimed that Kyle is quitting the show to make peace.

“Should I mention Kyle quitting the show? It’s nice because there were upsetting things going on because they were covering my daughter’s wedding. The show was taking advantage, but Kyle said she was giving notice to quit the show because they made her put the wedding information in the show. That was nice of her to do.”

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