Netflix And Chill: Now The Entire World Can Do It

So far the term “Netflix and chill” has largely been exclusive in the United states. The Netflix part is harmless, but the “chill” part, not so much.

In case you haven’t heard yet, “Netflix and chill” is basically teen slang for “would you like to come over to my house and have sex?” The Inquisitr reports that there are even condoms for the occasion.

And even the mainstream media, like MadameNoire for one, has caught on by compiling lists like “16 movies to Netflix and Chill to.” “Netflix and Chill” has officially become a cultural sensation.

The “Netflix and Chill” phenomena is huge in America mainly due to the fact that Netflix was primarily exclusive here. However, that has just changed yesterday at CES.

The Associated Press reports that 130 countries can now “Netflix and Chill.” The web-streaming service hopes that this will draw in millions of new subscribers. It could also get them a leg up on their competitors like Hulu. Not only does Hulu not allow streaming outside of the United States, but Engadget reports that the company also actually took action against those trying to do so.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced Netflix’s international expansion in Las Vegas at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). “You are witnessing the birth of a global TV network,” Hastings projected on stage.

Also accompanying the announcement was the hashtag #NetflixEverywhere.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announcing Netflix to be featured in 130 countries at CES Las Vegas. [Photo via Getty Images] Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announcing Netflix to be featured in 130 countries at CES Las Vegas. Given the true definition of Netflix and chill. Could #NetflixEverywhere have sexually deviant implications as well?[Photo via Getty Images]Some of the countries that will understand the joys of “Netflix and Chill” are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Costa Rica
  • Czech Republic
  • Israel
  • India
  • Ethiopia
  • Mexico
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • Poland

Netflix had these countries in its sights for quite some time. They’ve hit just about all of their targets except for China, due to the country’s censorship laws. Hastings says that Netflix will attempt to persuade China’s communist government until they can reach some sort of agreement.

Hastings told AP, “The key in approaching the Chinese business is really working on relationships.” “In the rest of the world, we are racing ahead,” he added. China is the only global major market not on board so far. As such, Netflix does not want to give up on their business so easily.

North Korea, Syria, and Crimea will unfortunately never get to experience “Netflix and Chill” due to sanctions placed on U.S. companies operating there.

Despite some friction in certain areas of the deal, investors are also pleased by this news on top of Netflix’s exponential spike in stock going from $10.02 to close out $117.68. Stake holders believe that Netflix will now have an edge over all of it’s competitors including HBO,, Hulu, and YouTube regarding licensing rights and number of new subscribers.

Here’s an image of the stock surge in action.

Netflix has picked up more exclusive shows than ever in 2015. Currently, they have more than 600 hours of original shows projected for this year. This slate includes already popular award-winning series such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Subscribers everywhere can look forward to “Netflix and Chilling” to the new Jessica Jones series and the highly anticipated premiere of the Luke Cage in 2016.

An international Netflix also comes with the option to choose from 21 different languages. That’s 21 different ways to say “Netflix and chill!”

Here’s a video of Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos explaining how the entire world will know the true meaning of “Netflix and Chill” starting in 2016.

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