‘RHOBH’ Yolanda Foster Terrified That Ex, Mohamed Hadid, Will Go To Prison

As if Real Housewives Yolanda Foster doesn’t have enough on her plate, she is now concerned that her ex-husband and father of her three children, Mohamed Hadid, will be going to prison. While most of the charges seem civil, criminal counts related to a construction project that has gone very wrong are causing more trouble. Hadid is still very close to Foster, and he has been a great support during her struggle with Lyme Disease.

According to the Inquisitr, Mohamed Hadid is building a house on spec, one that is called jokingly the Starship Enterprise. He is being accused of using the land of others for the project, and not building enough of a retaining wall to prevent damage in a mudslide or earthquake. The house is 30,000 square feet, and sticks out amongst the other more conservative structures in the area.


RadarOnline is reporting that Yolanda Foster is taking the charges against Mohamed Hadid very hard, and it’s stressing her out. Court documents detail illegal use of land, and building without a permit. Sources say that Foster is very worried.

“In recent months, Hadid has been a rock for his ex-wife Foster, 51, as she continues to struggle with Lyme disease, and her split from husband, David Foster, 65.”


The Los Angeles Times says that Hadid is involved in illegal construction, and though he has appealed, there is no getting out of this problem. Attorney Victor de la Cruz is representing neighbors who filed the complaints against Hadid.

“There are real safety concerns about the stability of the hillside, and Hadid still has to demolish the majority of the home,” De La Cruz said.

Donald Re is representing Hadid, who he says is taking the situation seriously.

“He’s going to do everything he can to make sure the property conforms to all local provisions and laws,” he said.

City coucilman Paul Koretz is calling Hadid a “blatant scofflaw.” Each charge means that Hadid faces six months in prison and fines.


The New York Times is saying that Hadid created a shell company to build what many are referring to as a monstrosity. But Hadid argues he is not guilty of anything, because he is developing the property for others.

“That’s my — that’s the property I’m developing,” Mr. Hadid explained. “I’m the developer. I develop for other people.”

But Hadid had plenty of warning that this property and building was a huge problem, and that the other residents were not going to go away. Officials say that they have been sending notices for years.

“For all that, over four years of violation notices, inspections and hearings, efforts to hold someone accountable for the mess at 901 Strada Vecchia have repeatedly hit a legal wall. It is, as a judge said during an October session where once again nothing got done, ‘an extremely complicated case.'”

Shell companies are used in Los Angeles in 75 percent of all residential buildings, which makes it complicated to hold people responsible when things go wrong. The New York Times believes that another problem is that the person at the end of the ownership trail is often foreign, and does not live in the states full time, which makes it harder to bring them into court.

Do you think Mohamed Hadid will go to prison for this latest building issue?

[Photo courtesy of Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images]