Rumors Fly Becca Tilley Is Using ‘Bachelor’ To Get ‘Bachelorette’ Role

Becca Tilley has joined this season of The Bachelor 2016 with Ben Higgins, and rumors are flying that she may have done it just in hopes of landing the role of The Bachelorette. When you don’t win the show, you are in the running for this job because obviously they seem to always pick a girl who was on the show already. Christian Post shared that there is now a lot of speculation about why Becca Tilley really joined the show in the first place. Becca was unable to win the heart of Chris Soules, but now she is trying again this season.

Reality Steve has shared already that Ben Higgins told Becca Tilley not to join the show. These two talked to each other before the season started and he told her not to join, but Becca did it anyway. So does Becca think that she can win over Higgins, or does she think that she can win the role of The Bachelorette? Here is what Reality Steve shared.

“I can tell you with about as much confidence as I can without outing any sources is the reason Ben isn’t going to pick Becca is because before the season he TOLD her not to come on the show. Of course Ben had heard the rumors, and yes these two were in brief contact (nothing like Nick and Kaitlyn), but he told her not to come on the show. I was told Ben didn’t want any of Chris’ rejects and wanted his ‘own’ season but, well, Ben doesn’t get to make those decisions.”

If he didn’t really want Becca on the show, she certainly ended up coming anyway and actually sticking around for a long time. Spoilers say that Tilley will make it pretty far, so either he changed his mind about her or the producers talked him into letting her stay for ratings. Becca even gets a good one-on-one date this season in Las Vegas. This would make her the perfect candidate for The Bachelorette role, and Becca just might get it if she wins the viewers over.

So far, Becca Tilley is not talking about if she would join the show or not as The Bachelorette, but you know with the spot that she is at they are going to at least throw her name out there when trying to decide whom to use. When Chris Soules didn’t pick Becca, she was the runner-up — and the show never uses the girl who gets second as the one to hand out roses the next season.

Becca Tilley isn’t the first girl to come back on the show again, so maybe she really is looking for love. She is obviously a fan of the show and could have decided that Becca has feelings for Higgins after watching him. It will be interesting to see how they get along this season and also how to see if they ever talk about the fact that he told her not to join the show. More than likely, ABC will just avoid talking about this at all and just act like he is really excited that Becca is there this season.

Do you think that Becca Tilley stands a chance of getting picked to be The Bachelorette? Do you feel like this is the reason Becca Tilley joined the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Becca on new episodes of The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC.

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