California: Man Drives His $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Through Flood Waters [Video]

A video showing a man driving his super-expensive Lamborghini Gallardo through a flooded intersection in California is going viral. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube just a day ago has already managed to garner over 200,000 views. It is also being spread on Facebook and Whatsapp groups across the world. This video might be painful to watch for many supercar and automobile enthusiasts out there; you have been warned. There is also an ongoing debate wherein people are arguing about the actual car model seen in the video. While most people say it is a Lamborghini Gallardo, others say, it may be the newer Lamborghini Huracán model. Let’s leave that for the automobile experts to decide.

In the video (embedded above), you can initially see an SUV trying to cautiously wade through a flooded intersection. The SUV then stops at the intersection, presumably for a signal. That’s when the white-colored Lamborghini Gallardo enters the frame. The car driver of the Lamborghini nonchalantly drives the car through the muddy waters as if he doesn’t care. Initially, it seems he may have thought twice about taking his expensive supercar into the waters, but then decided to have a go at it anyway.

At around the 22 second mark in the video, the Lamborghini actually waits at the intersection for the signal to turn green. At this point, you can see that the lower part of the car is clearly underwater. If water somehow enters the passenger compartment at this point, it would be an expensive mess to fix.

When the signal does eventually turn green, the Lamborghini accelerates normally and you can see the waters rise up to his windshield. Still not bothered, the driver drives on as if nothing has happened. You can also see the car sputtering a bit, but that is just about it. In the last few seconds of the video, it seems the man in the car is purposefully driving his Lamborghini through the flood waters even though a dry patch of road is seen just a few meters away.

Reactions have started pouring out of social media after people saw the man taking his expensive Lamborghini into the flooded street. While some people have found it interesting, others have been critical of the man who, in their opinion, almost destroyed a $200,000 car. Others have come in defense of the unidentified man, saying it is his Lamborghini and he has all the rights to do do anything he wished to do to his car.

Discussions are also rife on how, exactly, the Lamborghini managed to pass through the waters without much problem. According to a post on Mashable, the reason why the Lamborghini didn’t stop moving because of water ingestion is because the air-intakes for its rear mounted engine are located much higher than the ones on normal street cars. Sports cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Huracán also come with underbody shielding that should have helped the car to keep the water from entering the passenger compartment. The shield on this Lamborghini was also likely the reason the electronics on this vehicle continued to function. These shields are used for aerodynamic purposes, but could come in handy in situations like these.

Even if you are wealthy enough to own a Lamborghini, or any other sports car for that matter, it’s not recommended to drive them through a flooded street due to safety concerns.

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]