‘Mad Max’ Spin-Off? Furiosa Could Get Her Own Movie From Director George Miller

Are we going to have a Mad Max spin-off focusing on Furiosa in the future? This is what Fury Road director George Miller says he wants to do, but it may need to wait until after the sequel.

Technically, Fury Road was actually about Imperator Furiosa, according to many who saw the film, but the director wants to leave Max Rockatansky to the wayside and go more in-depth with the female co-star. This could definitely be a step further into Hollywood equality as a white male-dominated film series branches off with a female lead.

Story-wise, Max has always been a loner. He would rather struggle alone than get help from even the nicest of wastelanders. This is what struck many the wrong way when Fury Road was released and Furiosa had become the focus of the film. Eventually, Max stayed true to his character and left her behind, but it appears George Miller isn’t ready to do that yet.

While we are getting a sequel to Fury Road, the Mad Max spin-off is one of many that George Miller says he could do with the characters created for the film, he told Entertainment Weekly.

“I could tell the stories of every character in the story. I could tell the story of the guitar and the Doof Warrior. I can tell you the story of how his guitar was made, and how he survived, effectively a blind guitarist who only can speak through the guitar really and how he survived the apocalypse. And how he got to be basically working for Immortan’s army and so on. So everything has to have a backstory.”

At one point, he had considered the Furiosa Mad Max spin-off instead of a sequel for the next film, saying that the sequel had been developed in both cases. Although the official sequel is using the working title of Mad Max: The Wasteland, Miller has decided that the subtitle will most likely be dropped.

One thing Miller might use as a basis for the next Mad Max film is something from the recent game based on the franchise. Mechanic wonder Chumbucket might have a vengeful son who ends up teaming with the reluctant road warrior, further tying the game in with the films. It’s possible, since the Gyro captain from The Road Warrior returned in Beyond Thunderdome.

Fans of the wasteland wanderer could be happy either way, whether the next Mad Max is a Furiosa spin-off or it returns to follow Max himself. Being the recipient of several award nominations, Mad Max: Fury Road showed us that Miller is capable of introducing a completely different focus and still entertaining the masses. For technical reasons, some fans are hoping that if he does go deeper into the story of Imperator Furiosa, it will use a different title like The Road Warrior did.

Pretty sure we already got a Furiosa movie… called Mad Max: Fury Road. https://t.co/w9NcugeCFv

— Laura (@fraulaura_) January 7, 2016

One thing George Miller said about the possible Mad Max spin-off is that it would give him more of a chance to delve into the backstory. This was the one thing Fury Road didn’t do because Miller felt the need to stick to the action and not bog it down like tires in an oil field. The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome were both more story oriented, while Fury Road took a very action-centric approach.

If director George Miller plans to eventually do a film about Furiosa instead, there is also the potential for other Mad Max spin-offs based on characters from Fury Road and previous films. The Gyro captain, the feral kid, and even Master Blaster could end up the focus of a future Mad Max film.

Are you excited about the possibility of an eventual movie centering on Furiosa instead of Max?

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]