Louis Tomlinson Is The Best-Looking Member Of One Direction, According To Science [Report]

It’s official — Louis Tomlinson is the hottest member of One Direction. Digital Spy has done the research to back up their massive claim.

While you might think the relative charms of the One Direction boys have been assessed to death over the years in the many polls ranking them, such as this one by Sugarscape, or in the loudness of the shrill screams that erupt from the teenage audience as the hunks file out onto the stage one by one, as far as we know, no one has done a study of their hunky visages to try to discern the best of a great-looking bunch. Or, at least, no one has done it using this particular artificial intelligence, which claims to be able to “predict 76% of the ratings correctly solely based on an image.”

Sexy, long-haired Homes Chapel native Harry Styles managed to confuse the machine thoroughly. It was probably that long mop of curls that made the AI predict that Harry was a female, albeit a “nice”-looking one.

Louis Tomlinson came out on top, with the besotted bot taking in his symmetrical features, light stubble, piercing blue eyes, and razor-sharp cheekbones and rating Louis as “godlike.”


None of the other beautiful boys even broke through the “nice” threshold — not even Zayn Malik, who shares a certain sculpted and symmetrical quality with Louis Tomlinson and would seem to be the bot’s “type.”

You might have thought Zayn would crack a “good”-looking rating.

No dice! It seems the machine is extremely particular and very, very fond of Louis Tomlinson.

Niall Horan can take solace in the fact that the machine thought the blue-eyed Irish One Direction member was two years younger than he is (and a nice-looking chap at that).

Liam Payne’s age of 22 was guessed precisely by the robot, and the “nice” rating Payno received for his handsome face confirmed what many have long suspected.

“One Direction have scientifically been branded one of the nicest groups in pop,” according to Digital Spy.

In other One Direction news, footage from the “Infinity” video has leaked, according to MTV News.

“Infinity” was originally slated to be the next single from One Direction album Made in the A.M., but the group suddenly changed their choice to “History” for undisclosed reasons. They had already filmed the “Infinity” video when they made the decision to change, leading many to whinge that they wanted to see the video anyway.


The leaked “Infinity” footage does not look like a cut from any footage that could have made the final edit. It is a grainy long-range shot of the guys hamming for the camera as the music plays.

Thus, there is still a possibility that the footage has not been edited, meaning that the footage may have been scrapped, and perhaps we will not see an “Infinity” video.

Then again, anything is possible in the unpredictable world of One Direction. Perhaps the guys will release videos for both “History” and “Infinity” at hugely distant intervals over the next 18 months to give their fans a trickle of activity throughout the long hiatus and keep the dream alive until they return in 2017.

[Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP]