Simon Cowell Not Happy Justin Bieber Dissed One Direction

Simon Cowell is not happy with Justin Bieber after a comment that he made dissing One Direction. Hollywood Life shared what Justin Bieber had to say that really upset Simon Cowell. You have to remember that Simon is the one who actually put the group One Direction together on his show The X-Factor. They have done amazing since then and Cowell obviously got it right with this one. Right now, Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is dating Niall Horan of One Direction and of course, Justin isn’t happy with that new relationship. Now Justin is dissing the group, but he did a great job of making sure he didn’t actually say their name.


During a recent interview with The Bert Show, Justin Bieber made the comment that has Simon Cowell really upset. Justin didn’t mention Cowell’s group One Direction, but it was obvious who he was talking about in this comment. Justin might have stuck his foot in his mouth with this one.

“I think people understand and know I was found on YouTube for my talent and not put together on X-Factor or something like that.”

Justin Bieber did actually get his start from being discovered on YouTube. That is a great way to start your career and it worked out for him, but there are also other ways that you can start your career and the way that Simon Cowell did it with 1D is also a great way to get a group going. Both of them have music careers that work for them in their own way. They did have albums come out at the same time this year though, and One Direction beat Justin out for the top spot.

Now a source close to Simon Cowell is speaking out and he doesn’t think that Justin Bieber should have made this comment. Simon has helped Justin and obviously doesn’t feel like he appreciates what he has done for him. The source shared how Simon feels right now.

“Simon thinks Justin is desperate and a whiny fool for taking shots at the boys of 1D and ‘X Factor. Simon has had Justin on his shows and given him a platform for his music and now he is taking shots? Very bad form and Simon is not very happy with Justin. It was uncalled for.”

Simon Cowell is not speaking out at all, though, on what is going on with him and Justin. These two could have issues in the future though. It doesn’t sound like Simon will be inviting Justin to perform on any shows that he is a part of and maybe Bieber should consider apologizing. Simon Cowell is not someone that you really want on your bad side. He has been a part of American Idol, The X Factor and he just joined America’s Got Talent as the new judge. You can assume that the Biebs won’t be performing on that show.


Simon Cowell is always doing new projects and now he has his hand in something new that doesn’t have to do with music at all. Radio Times shared that Simon Cowell’s company Syco Entertainment has bought the rights to turn a book written by Killing Kittens sex club founder Emma Sayle (co-written with Suzanne Kerins) into a television show. This is perfect for a show, but so far there is no word about when it will happen or even what network it could up on. The show will be totally different depending on what channel picks up the rights to it.

Do you agree with Simon Cowell that this comment was meant toward 1D? Do you think that Bieber should apologize to him? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]