Top Gear claims The Stig is Michael Schumacher (video)

The identity of Top Gear’s tame racing driver is claimed to be F1 great Michael Schumacher, at least if you believe the first episode of Series 13 that aired in the UK over the weekend.

Speculation over the identity of the “White Stig” has been ongoing since the original “Black Stig” outed himself at the end of the second series. The UK media reported in January that The Stig was Ben Collins.

Given that the show, and particularly Jeremy Clarkson have previously stated that they would never reveal the identity of The Stig, the revelation of his identity is circumspect at best. That it could be Michael Schumacher isn’t impossible given he retired from F1 in 2006, but that would also mean that there has been two white stigs as well, because it would have been impossible for Schumacher to have played the role while he was still professionally racing.

Here’s The Stig revealed video: