Brie Larson’s Golden Globes Ambitions: To Hang With Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer

Brie Larson has been making the rounds lately in the press, thanks to her star-turning performance in the drama Room. As predicted, Larson was recently nominated for her performance in the Oscar-buzzed film, and as the Inquisitr reported, she’s successfully avoiding getting trapped in “playing the game” during Oscar season.

Although Larson has a big night at Sunday’s Golden Globes, the actress said she has her sights set on hanging out with Hollywood BFFs Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer.

Even if Brie doesn’t get to sit next to Schumer or Lawrence, it’s bound to be a boozy experience for the young rising star. After all, the Golden Globes are known for being the most casual of the award shows, where many stars get buzzed or blitzed depending on the amount of alcohol that floats through the room.

As for seating arrangements, Brie Larson seems to be pretty clueless about where she’s sitting for the big night, where she’ll be up for Best Actress for a Drama Motion Picture. The actress told E!, “I haven’t heard. We’re just like full-court pressing it…Everyone’s asking me!”

She continued, “Well, we’re trying. I’m pretty sure we will play a game of musical chairs if we’re not sitting together. Because at this point it’s just it would be crazy…who am I gonna make jokes with?! I gotta sit next to my girls!”

Larson co-starred alongside Trainwreck writer and actress Amy Schumer. If you remember, the actress played the comedian’s put-together sister, who unlike Amy, had her ducks in a row. Schumer said the relationship was based on the actual relationship she has with her sister.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, Larson isn’t letting all the attention go to her head. The 24-year-old doesn’t really get why or how she became America’s “It” girl, so it doesn’t look like she’s going to buy into that title, or any other title that she’s been given during the awards season.

“What is it? But what is ‘it’? There is no ‘it’! And who was ‘it’ before ‘it’? And when does ‘it’ go away? When did I get ‘it’? Who’s gonna take ‘it’? It’s so weird. I think it’s a really funny term. I’m just a person. I’m not anything!”

Although Larson is enjoying many firsts, this isn’t the first time she’s gone to the Golden Globes. Recently, the Short Term 12 actress spoke about the first time she went, and it wasn’t because she was invited by a big wig. Apparently she was invited by her neighbor to attend the awards.

“She’s like 80-something. She wanted to get there early to get a good parking space. We got there so early they weren’t really set up yet.”

As we mentioned, Brie is receiving rave reviews for her performance in Room, a film about a girl abducted as a teenager, who tries to escape from the room she and her five-year-old son live in. Her character and her son Jack live in a garden shed of her captor, and endure horrible treatment, including rape, and seclusion for years.

So far, Larson has been nominated for a Golden Globe, two EDA Awards, Austin Film Critics Award, BFCC Award, Critics Choice Award, Gotham Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, National Board of Review, SAG Awards, the Women Film Critics Circle Awards, and many others.

Do you think Brie Larson will take home the Golden Globe award for Room?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]