‘American Idol’ Spoilers: Top 24 Contestant List For Season 15 Leaked, Who Reportedly Makes The Cut?

A new season of American Idol is ready to begin on Fox, and this will be the show’s final season. Over the years, fans have watched the likes of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson take home the title of winner, but who will be the last champion of the show’s run? Fans are anxious for American Idol spoilers as the Season 15 auditions begin, and it looks like there are some great ones available.

The Idol Pad has a long track record of accurate American Idol spoilers for the Top 24, and they think they have done it again. Of course, it will take a while for all of the auditions to play out and for the Top 24 to be revealed on the show, but curious fans can start watching the spoiler list now to see which contestants seemingly do well and stick around for a while.

Interestingly, the show has released a preview showcasing these Top 24 contestants, without showing them in full, and fans will surely be watching this preview frequently as the auditions air to see which contestants they can identify. Based simply on the performances, many are buzzing about how this would seem to be a fantastic season ahead, packed with talent.

As is often the case, there will be some familiar faces auditioning for Season 15. Several of the singers who made it to Hollywood Week or the Top 48 in prior seasons are back to give it another shot, and it sounds as if a handful will get a spot in the Top 24. If the American Idol spoiler list for these top contestants is correct, there will be 13 females and 11 males. Who is rumored to make the cut?

American Idol spoilers tease that the Season 15 females in the Top 24 include Amelia Eisenhauer, Avalon Young, Emily Brooke, Gianna Isabella, and Jeneve Mitchell. The group also reportedly includes Jenn Blosil, Jenna Renae, LaPorsha Renae, Olivia Rox, and Shelbie Zora, along with Sonika Vaid, Stephany Negrete, and Tristan McIntosh. While oftentimes the show has kept an even split between the males and females going into this Top 24 group, it seems the judges just saw too much talent in Season 15 to go that route.

As for the males, viewers will apparently be watching Adam Lasher, C.J. Johnson, Dalton Rapattoni, James Dawson VIII, and Jordan Sasser in the Top 24 as the season plays out. American Idol spoilers also list Kory Wheeler, Lee Jean, Manny Torres, and MacKenzie Bourg, along with Thomas Stringfellow and Trent Harmon, for the male finalist group this winter.

MJ’s Big Blog has a list of American Idol spoilers for the Season 15 Top 24 as well, and the two lists do fully match. Given that, fans would imagine that this is a solid list of contestants worth watching as this season plays out, as these two sources in particular have always been quite solid in their spoilers.

Fans may remember that Negrete made it to Hollywood Week in Season 11, while Brooke, Lasher, and Wheeler all were early contenders in Season 14. In addition, Isabella appeared on The X Factor Season 3 while Renae was on Season 10 of America’s Got Talent. Vaid, Zora, and Bourg all popped up on The Voice during Seasons 4 and 5, it seems. People are definitely buzzing about this season, and can’t wait to see this group come together after the auditions play out.

Who will thrive once that Top 24 group starts taking the stage for the live shows? Viewers will have to stay tuned to see which contestants seemingly become the frontrunners in this final season of the show. Which Season 15 contestant rumored to be in the Top 24 do you think has what it will take to win this last season of American Idol?

[Photo by Michael Becker/FOX]