Lydia Hearst Breastfeeds Someone Else’s Twins In New Bizarre Ad Campaign For Equinox Gyms

Model Lydia Hearst is stirring up some controversy with her new ad for Equinox gyms.

In the ad, Lydia goes topless while pretending to breastfeed someone else’s twin babies. In the photo, Hearst, who does not have any kids of her own, is dressed up as a mother and is sitting at a table at a glamorous restaurant. At the same time, her black halter dress is pulled to the side so the babies can feed from each of the mother’s breasts. Across the photo reads Equinox’s slogan “Commit to Something, It’s Not Fitness It’s Life.” Equinox posted the photo to the company’s Instagram page and captioned it by saying: “Table for one. Dinner for three. #CommitToSomething.”

Check out the photo in the tweet below.

Lydia Hearst’s ad is just one in a series for the company, which were shot by renowned photographer Steven Klein. The other ads show even more controversial situations, including a cat lady, an orgy, a naked man lying in a pile of money, and a cult leader. Each of the ads have the words “Commit to Something” written on them.

Equinox is about commitment — we are obsessed with it, and we challenge our members to know who they are and what they want,” Carlos Becil, Equinox Chief Marketing Officer, said, according to the Toronto Sun.“The concept of commitment is bold, incredibly powerful, and it’s real, especially in a world today where commitment is lacking.”

Klein, who also shot Kylie Jenner’s Interview cover and a recent Versace campaign, said the ads are about more than just selling gym memberships, and they each depict a social issue relevant in today’s time.

“It is the responsibility of advertising to communicate modern times and social issues,” Klein said, according to the Daily Mail.“This campaign addresses today’s issues and social commentaries, which is a powerful approach instead of portraying people as superficial objects with no narrative.”

Despite Klein’s opinions, Lydia Hearst’s ad has been met with extensive backlash, with many social media users calling her out for trying to normalize breastfeeding in public, and doing so with someone else’s children.

“Disgusting on two one wants to lose their appetite at dinner by seeing breastfeeding and boobs not being covered up (gross)…it takes away the rights of other diners, 2. They aren’t even her kids (gross)…….and furthermore, I breastfed….but I excused myself or covered up…WHY do some women think that their right to breastfeed in public means that they have to whip out an entirely naked boob just to make a point WHY?” one user wrote on Hearst’s Facebook post.

Others, however, including breastfeeding advocates, are praising Lydia for her ad, saying that breastfeeding a child should be something that isn’t sexualized in the media and is something completely normal that millions of women do each and every day.

“Love this Lydia Hearst! I’m so happy that the public will be exposed to breastfeeding en masse! this inadvertently makes you a breastfeeding in public advocate! go you!!!” one Facebook user wrote, while another added, “Beautiful #breastisbest #humanmilkforhumanbabies.”

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[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]