Steven Avery Pointed Finger At Brothers, Nephew, Brother-In-Law: ‘Making A Murderer’ Case Generates More Buzz

Everybody is buzzing about the new show Making a Murderer on Netflix, the 10-part documentary that examines the case against Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey in the murder of Teresa Halbach. While both were convicted in their cases, those who have watched the show have voiced serious doubts about how it all went down. The question has been, though, that if Steven didn’t kill Teresa, who did? Avery himself has voiced his thoughts about who should be held responsible, and those documents are now garnering some buzz.

Those who have watched Making a Murderer know that Steven Avery is now in prison after being convicted for murdering Teresa Halbach. He has maintained his innocence, but so far, all of his state appeals have been denied. He is still working on his case, but he is having to do it on his own now, without an official legal team. A team is still working on Brendan Dassey’s case, though he, too, has so far has his appeals denied.

Now, TMZ reports that Avery has already outlined some theories regarding who he thinks may responsible for Teresa Halbach’s death, and Making a Murderer viewers will surely nod at these possibilities. It seems that in legal documents Avery filed in 2009, he pointed to his brothers, Charles and Earl, as two people who should be considered. There has already been a lot of buzz over on Reddit since the Netflix show was released, talking about this possibility, and some would say there certainly seems to be reason to consider the two brothers.

As Gossip Cop details, both Charles and Earl have previous legal issues related to allegations of sexual assault. Steven’s lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, were restricted from naming any other suspects during Avery’s trial, and it always seemed fairly clear that the authorities did not look much beyond Steven in this case. Many on Reddit point out that Charles and Earl were not the only ones mentioned in the 2009 retrial request, as Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych were mentioned, as well.

While these are not new allegations by Avery, the assertions in the 2009 documents are garnering some attention now, as people watch Making a Murderer and dig into the case for themselves. There are those who believe that Steven Avery absolutely did kill Teresa Halbach and got exactly the sentence he deserved. However, not everybody is convinced.

Some others think that Avery may have done it, but that the authorities did taint some of the evidence and that Steven could not have been convicted beyond a reasonable doubt with how the trial played out. Others think that Avery surely was not responsible for Teresa’s death and should be released. There is a lot of buzz about Brendan Dassey, as well: he’s Steven’s nephew who was also convicted in relation to Halbach’s murder and will not be eligible for parole until 2048.

As posters on Reddit have detailed in digging through those 2009 appeal documents, there are serious questions to consider in regards to Bobby, Scott, Charles, and Earl. Bobby seemingly had scratches on his back right after the date in question that he said he got from a puppy, while Scott, Earl, and Charles all have allegations of violence toward women or sexual assault in their backgrounds. In addition, all of them were around at the time of Teresa’s disappearance.

Despite all of that, so far Steven has not had any luck in gaining a new trial. Avery’s former attorneys, Strang and Buting, have said they believe it will take someone stepping forward or the emergence of new evidence for Avery to gain any traction in his quests for a new trial or a release.

This week, the filmmakers of Making a Murderer revealed that they had a juror from Avery’s case come forward to talk. This juror indicated doubts about Avery’s guilt and alleged that there had been vote trading and deals made during deliberations. However, On Milwaukee shares that they just spoke with a different juror, who stands by the guilty verdict.

Did Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey kill Teresa Halbach as the prosecution alleged? Could someone else from the Avery extended family be responsible instead? The Making a Murderer filmmakers indicate that they are continuing to work on this project, and there is surely much more to come on this as awareness of the case spreads.

[Photo by AP Photo/ Kirk Wagner, Pool]