Kylie Jenner, Tyga Breakup: Is ‘KUWTK’ Star Feeling Pressure To Dump Her Boyfriend After Texting Scandal?

Uh oh. If the rumors are to be believed, there could be trouble between Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend and her mother. According to reports, a Tyga-Kris Jenner feud could be brewing, and that might not spell good news for the 26-year-old rapper.

According to a source for Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner’s momager thinks that Tyga’s behavior is rather immature.

“Kris feels Tyga needs to grow up.… She’s really fed up with him.”

Hollywood Life also reports that Kris Jenner has told Tyga that “he’s running out of chances and excuses.”

Tyga is in the headlines again, this time because he’s been accused of texting and chatting with an underage model. In this instance, underage means 14! Despite reports from OK! magazine, even the teenager involved says that the so-called relationship has been greatly exaggerated in the press.

On Monday, Molly O’Malia spoke at a press conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, who is a famed women’s right attorney currently representing more than 25 women who have filed complaints against Bill Cosby. Allred is said to be a press conference master, and on Monday she and her client certainly gained the attention of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans.

The news conference came after a tabloid reported that Molly O’Malia and Tyga had been involved in a sexual relationship. During the conference, O’Malia said she initially thought Tyga was interested in her because she’s an aspiring singer. O’Malia said Tyga initially direct messaged her on Instagram and later asked her to FaceTime with him.

O’Malia said the request made her uncomfortable, so she quit responding to Tyga’s messages. She said that was the extent of their communication.

“It’s crazy how so much can come out of nothing.”

Tyga has said very little on the situation, but Hollywood Life does report that the “Rack City” rapper was simply trying to sign O’Malia to his record label.

But that doesn’t matter to Kris Jenner, according to the website’s source.

“Regardless of this intentions, Kris thinks he was stupid. “It was an all around bad business move on his part. Like, what was he thinking?”

Could Kris Jenner be pressuring her daughter Kylie to break up with Tyga? News reports of late have indicated that the couple may be cooling down. After a hot and heavy summer, Kylie and Tyga allegedly broke up in November on the rapper’s 26th birthday, only to get back together a few days later.

Ever since, Jenner and Tyga’s public appearances have been much more seldom, and all indications suggest that the couple has opted to slow things down a bit. Recently, the pair was spotted skiing in Mammoth Lakes, California, which marked the first public spotting of the pair in nearly a month.

According to a separate Hollywood Life report, Kylie Jenner is giving Tyga the “benefit of the doubt” in the situation.

“Obviously, she’s talking to Tyga about these claims from this teenager and is getting to the bottom of what’s really going on. She’s doing her best not to be judgmental or assume anything. She’s giving Tyga the benefit of the doubt,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She’s not mad as of yet – she’s just disappointed that four days into the new year drama is already plaguing her relationship. Kris has talked to her, and told her to stay off snapchat for the night but said if she must shoot a video, don’t mention Tyga or these claims.”

What do you think about the entire situation involving Tyga and the underage model? Do you think Kris Jenner has a right to be upset with Tyga? Do you think Kris could be pressuring Kylie to break up with Tyga? Why or why not?

Find out more about the accusations against Tyga in the video below.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment]