Music Tours You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2016

2016, here they come! The concerts, that is. Several bands and musicians have already sealed their tour dates for the coming year, and the lineup is too hot to miss. Rolling Stone released the tour list earlier today.

  • Tool plans to hit the road on January 6. After an eight-year legal battle, of which they came out on top, they look forward to cramping their legs on a tour bus. The last show of their tour is January 31.
  • Black Sabbath announced their tour, appropriately named “The End,” which runs from January 20 to September 21, making this among the longest tours schedule for 2016. Unlike their last attempt to say goodbye, this time it is for real. They have not even produced a new album to promote. Therefore, if you ever plan to see Black Sabbath live, this is the time. Catch them before it is too late.
  • AC/DC’s 2016 tour opens February 2. Considering the loss of most of their original band mates, AC/DC has still very much held their own last few years. However, this could be the last time the band performs onstage. They have not made any announcements indicating that they intend to end their nearly four-decade-long career, but many people will not chance it. Their last performance is April 4.
  • Luke Bryan’s road schedule runs from February 18 to May 14. This country boy can dance, according to his Entertainer of the Year awards. Moreover, that sweet face belts a spicy new song, “Strip it Down,” which is sure to make the top of his tour list. So people, get your tickets, yesterday!
  • Rihanna scheduled her tour this year in support of her not-yet-released album, Anti. No one knows yet what to expect from her music lineup, so this tour carries the promise of pleasant surprises galore. Her tour dates run from February 26 until May 7, so grab tickets before time runs out.
  • It seems like only yesterday Selena Gomez was entertaining teens worldwide on the youth channels. Today, she is the new pop sensation princess. Where does the time go? She will do shows starting on May 6, and ending her 2016 tour on July 8.
  • The Dixie Chicks are back! We have heard but the smallest of peeps from them since their fall from grace in 2006, but their new tour, which runs from June 1 to October 10, is making big waves. They could not have chosen a better time, either. Female artists in the country music genre are getting more attention, and respect, than ever before. It should not take long for them to return to their former status as female country icons.
  • The Cure lay dormant for over ten years. They have not even produced an album since 4:13 Dream in 2008. Now, after the long hiatus, the band has schedule a tour for this year. They plan to hit the road May 10. This is the first time the world gets to see Reeves Gabrels playing with the group since he joined them in 2012. The tour dates run until June 27.
  • Janet Jackson has wowed fans and inspired new artists for nearly four decades. She announced that, after an upcoming surgery, she plans to schedule her own tour for 2016. Given the singer/choreographer’s illustrious career thus far, this tour will surely be the biggest sensation the world has seen from her to date. She will release official tour dates upon recuperation from her surgery, so stay tuned.
  • Pearl Jam has whispered a little tale about an upcoming tour. However, they did not release many details. Two concrete facts are that they do plan to schedule a tour for this year, and that it celebrates the band’s 25 years together. Happy birthday, Pearl Jam! We look forward to the official tour announcements.

For the full 2016 music tour list, follow this link.

[Photo by Laura Roberts/Invision/AP]