'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Ivy Plans Her Departure As Steffy Is Determined To Repair Things With Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday's show indicate that there is more drama ahead related to Ivy, Steffy, and Liam. After yet another argument with Steffy, Ivy tripped and fell down the stairs. Luckily, this time, her injuries are relatively minor and she will fully recover. However, that doesn't mean the drama on this front is over. Where are things headed in the January 5 episode?

As viewers saw on Monday, Ivy was recovering as everybody gathered at the hospital to check in on her, including Quinn and Wyatt. Though Liam is upset with Steffy for heading over to confront Ivy, he does believe that this was an accident, and Ivy even confirms that to be the truth. However, this is causing even more damage to Liam and Steffy's relationship, and it may lead to big issues that cannot be overcome.

Things were tense between Liam and Wyatt during Monday's episode, as Wyatt brought up how Liam neglected to tell him about Ivy's pursuit of him. In addition, Quinn nudged Wyatt to consider getting closer to Steffy, detailing that perhaps they are the ones meant to be together. During Tuesday's episode, viewers will see Ivy doing better and insisting that she is ready to head to Australia, notes She Knows Soaps.

According to Soap Central, doctors will want to keep Ivy for a bit, but she bucks their advice and plans to leave for Australia anyway. Before she goes, however, she faces some difficult conversations at the hospital. Quinn and Wyatt rushed to the hospital when they learned of the fall, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Quinn will make it clear she is still not a big supporter of Ivy's.

Quinn has not been a fan of Ivy's anyway, but Quinn is even less of a fan now that she knows how Ivy was trying to win Liam back for another shot. Quinn will have some intense words for Ivy yet again while she is at the hospital. Will anyone step in and defend Ivy, or just let Quinn rant?

While Ivy is insisting she is ready to leave the hospital and board an airplane, Steffy is desperate to repair her relationship with Liam. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that during Tuesday's show, Steffy will tell someone via the phone that she is staying put until Liam comes home, and she will do whatever it takes to work things out.

So far, Liam has not been responding to Steffy's calls or texts, and she is haunted by Liam's last words as he left the mansion to head to the hospital. He said he was done, but viewers watched at the hospital as he was clearly torn between his love for Steffy and his frustration with her actions. Will he head home and patch things up with his fiancee?

Steffy may be waiting at home for Liam to return, ready to work things out no matter how long it takes, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that things won't be quite that easy. Liam will insist on taking Ivy to the airport, as she is said to be experiencing some dizziness after checking out against medical advice. As this week continues, Liam will end up stuck on the plane as it leaves the gate, and Steffy will be none too pleased to hear he is headed to Australia with Ivy.

It seems that Steffy will end up leaning on Wyatt later this week, just as Quinn wanted, and all of this drama may soon lead to the end of Steffy and Liam's engagement. While Ivy is headed to Australia, it turns out she won't stay away from Los Angeles for long. Stay tuned for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers as the drama plays out weekdays on CBS.

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