Jennifer Aniston’s “Showing Off Her Body”

If I ignore the conflicting reports (flaunting her single self vs. being engaged), I can concentrate on the ridiculousness that is this OK! mag report. They’ve made Jennifer Aniston out to be a heroine of the dating world, when what she was really doing was shopping and sightseeing:

“Indeed, Jen spent the next few days showing just how happy she was to be single, wearing flattering outfits and going shopping. She also spent time soaking in some culture, walking the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on, where she spent over an hour admiring one exhibit.”

There’s a grain of truth to the lightweight sensationalism, even if it does describe Jen as “‘openly encouraging the attention, smiling, showing off her body, and creating photo ops’”: I’d be happy to be single after my ex gave everyone blow-by-blow account of the breakup. Maybe Jennifer’s not flaunting her singleness as much as rejoicing the fact that she’s escaped from such a cad. Now that I can believe.

Image: WireImage