Molly O’Malia: 26-Year-Old Tyga's Instagram Direct Messages To 14-Year-Old - Screenshots On 'OK! Magazine' [Video]

Paula Mooney

Molly O'Malia is responding to the OK! Magazine article titled "OK! Exclusive: Tyga Leaves Kylie Jenner Heartbroken After Texting A 14-Year-Old He Met On Instagram!" The piece printed direct Instagram messages between O'Malia and Tyga, ones which show Tyga asking Molly when she'd next be in town.

They are Instagram exchanges that O'Malia said made her uncomfortable, as reported by TMZ. Molly spoke during a press conference with Gloria Allred, wherein O'Malia admitted that Tyga's requests to FaceTime Molly made her feel uncomfortable. It's the same refrain that was printed in the OK! Magazine article, one whereby Molly said she didn't know how the publication got O'Malia and Tyga's Instagram DMs.

"He's texted her every day, and he's tried to FaceTime with her too. He keeps telling her how beautiful she is and how he can't wait to hang out with her."

Meanwhile, O'Malia spoke about being very upset that a story about Tyga, Kylie Jenner, and Molly was published. O'Malia made sure to reiterate it was Tyga who contacted Molly first.

"Tyga direct-messaged me on Instagram."

Molly said she wouldn't have allowed OK! Magazine to use O'Malia's Instagram DMs. The publication didn't contact Molly or her mom, O'Malia said.

Molly is a model, reports People Magazine.

O'Malia's press conference displayed a very upset Molly, as she spoke about the backlash O'Malia received when OK! Magazine published her photo, only slightly blurred. Molly said she was speaking out because she didn't want Tyga's actions to happen to another young girl like O'Malia.

Previously, OK! Magazine claimed that Kylie didn't post Tyga on Snapchat for weeks after the Molly melee. As reported by The Inquisitr, prior to this explosive O'Malia story hitting the press, Tyga was involved in a nude selfie texting controversy with a transgender model named Mia Isabella.

Although OK! Magazine called Molly a 14-year-old "mystery girl" when they published the story about Tyga Instagram direct messaging O'Malia, Molly says that everyone knew it was O'Malia being discussed in the piece.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]