New York Giants Rumors: Chip Kelly Could Be Coach Candidate To Take Over For Tom Coughlin

The New York Giants are searching for a new coach after Tom Coughlin stepped down earlier today, and various rumors are going around regarding who is next in line. A few years ago, former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly was one of the hottest candidates available, and many fans and analysts around the league thought that he was going to revolutionize the game. After Kelly’s failures this season, rumors are coming out of Philadelphia that he was difficult to deal with, and many of the players did not like him. He also had a ton of questionable personnel moves, and gave away some of the most talented players on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

While many analysts believe that Kelly is better suited to run a college team, the New York Giants are apparently interested in hiring him to replace Tom Coughlin. The news comes from Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly, and he first announced the rumor earlier today on Twitter.

While he does not exactly elaborate on where Chip Kelly falls on the Giants’ coaching candidates list, he will apparently be in the mix for the job. Even though Kelly failed to make the playoffs in the past two seasons, he did have success against the Giants, as he went 4-1 against them over the past three years. According to Bleeding Green Nation, Coughlin actually wanted to hire Kelly as a quality control coach for the Giants in 2006, but he opted to stay at the University of New Hampshire.

So how do Giants fans feel about the possibility of Chip Kelly becoming their next coach? At first glance, they are not exactly pleased about it.

If the New York Giants do decide to hire Chip Kelly, he is going to have to adjust his offense tremendously if he wants to succeed in the NFL. While the Philadelphia Eagles offense was one of the best in 2013, it regressed over the past few seasons, and many attribute it to predictable plays and failing to adjust to the defense. According to Bleeding Green Nation, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson confirmed the predictability of the offense after a game against the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago.

“Well, you know with Philly, whatever they run in the first 15 plays, they are kind of going to keep running those same plays. So you have get a good picture of what those first 15 plays are like. They are a tempo team. Out of those first 15 plays, when the game actually settles down, then we can scan and look at the formation and we knew what they were going to do. That just goes to great play-calling, great guys on the sideline like Matt Barkley, Rashad Johnson. It was just a great collective team win and a great defensive performance coming out of the half.”

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of Chip Kelly as the Eagles coach is the fact that he did not have a mobile quarterback. While finding a quarterback is one of the hardest positions to fill in the NFL, Kelly would not have an athletic quarterback if he is hired to coach the New York Giants. Even though Eli Manning is a 2x Super Bowl winning quarterback, he is getting old, and poses no running threat in a traditional Chip Kelly offense.

While Derrick Gunn at least confirmed the New York Giants are interested in Chip Kelly, Dan Graziano of ESPN does not believe it is going to happen.

If the New York Giants rumors regarding Chip Kelly turn out to be true, it is going to make for an interesting two games against the Philadelphia Eagles next season.

[Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images]