‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad’s Son Is The Key!

Days of Our Lives fans will have plenty of drama to deal with this week in Salem. According to the latest spoilers, so much will be happening and most of it will be heartbreaking. However, Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux’s storyline will be a bit happier.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, while others are suffering in Salem, Chad DiMera will find out that Abigail Deveraux’s son, Thomas Jack, is actually his son and not Ben Weston’s.

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Chad has been brainwashed by his evil older brother, Andre DiMera, to shun Abigail and set his romantic sights on Belle Black-Brady because she likely holds the key to the DiMera fortune stolen by her older sister, Sami Brady.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Chad and Abby.
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While Chad has been perfectly awful to Abigail, Days of Our Lives fans can rest assured that the two will get back on track soon. Chad holding his son for the first time will actually break whatever hypnotic spell Andre has cast over him and set him free. Chad will start feeling that flood of emotion and remember that he’s actually head over heels in love with Abby, and he’ll be so excited to learn that Thomas is his own flesh and blood.

As for the DiMera plan of having Chad help get their millions back from Sami/Belle, Chad and Abigail will devise a plan to keep up the charade that he’s still brainwashed. This means Days of Our Lives viewers will be in on a secret and that Chad and Abby will be trying to put one over on Stefano and Andre, which could be a mistake and come back to haunt them later.

However, Chad and Abigail’s drama won’t be the craziest of the week on Days of Our Lives. The big New Year’s Eve car crash involving a drunk Eric Brady, Jennifer Horton, Daniel Jonas, and Brady Black will be the talk of the town.

Unfortunately for Days of Our Lives fans, this means that another character will bite the dust. In fact, Dr. Daniel Jonas will be gone before we know it. The car accident will leave him unable to recover, and his mother, Maggie Horton-Kiriakis, will have to make a heartbreaking decision about to whom to give Daniel’s organs. Will she choose to give his heart to Brady or Eric? Both men will need this vital organ, but only one can receive it.

This is an especially tough situation for John, Marlena, and Belle because Eric is Marlena’s son and Brady is her husband John’s son. Both men are Belle’s half-brothers.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Daniel dies, Maggie forced to dole out his organs.
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Daniel’s death will also bring back two familiar faces to Days of Our Lives. Daniel’s ex-wife, Chloe Lane, will return with their son, Parker, to say goodbye to Dr. Dan for good, which should be a real tearjerker. Chloe’s friend, Nicole Walker, who is currently engaged to be married to Daniel will share in her grief and fans should expect some sweet scenes between the two women.

Daniel’s daughter, Melanie Jonas, will also return to Salem for the funeral and to say goodbye to her father. Melanie may also pay a visit to the ailing Brady Black, her former fiance. However, when Melanie returns to Salem she’ll find a very different situation than when she left. Brady and Theresa are currently living together and happily in love. Will Melanie’s return throw a wrench in the couple’s relationship, or will it be all about Brady’s recovery and Daniel’s memory?

Buckle up, Days of Our Lives fans! It’s sure to be a very emotional week in Salem.

What are your thoughts on Daniel’s death and Chad’s big baby revelation on Days of Our Lives this week?

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