Miss Colombia Talks About Removal Of Crown As Pia Wurtzbach And Steve Harvey Effigies Burned In Colombia

It has been weeks since the Miss Universe debacle, but Miss Colombia is still talking about the removal of her crown.

As readers may already know, Miss Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez was mistakenly crowned Miss Universe 2015, when Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach should have been the one crowned. The host, Steve Harvey, misread his cue card and made a big blunder on live TV. Moments after being hailed as Miss Universe 2015, Miss Colombia’s crown was removed and placed on the head of the real winner, Pia Wurtzbach.

The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant
Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega Crowns Miss Colombia. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
Speaking for the first time about the incident during an interview with W Radio in Colombia, as the IB Times reports, 22-year-old Ariadna said that the whole mess onstage left her humiliated.

“There are a thousand ways to do things. They could have done it, I don’t know, the next day in a press conference or a press release. They did not do things the right way.”

Being Miss Universe was a dream for Adriana, and for a few minutes, she got what she worked for. However, as Miss Colombia said, having been stripped of the crown onstage “was very humiliating” for her. Miss Colombia even said that the organizers of the Miss Universe pageant could have crowned two Miss Universes to avoid humiliating her.

Steve Harvey, who admitted on live TV that it was his mistake, apologized to both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines on his Twitter account shortly after the competition.

The Miss Universe Organization, however, has not release any statement regarding the incident.

The Miss Universe pageant was over weeks ago, but it seems that Colombians are not over the mess that happened. As reported by CNN, some Colombians who were celebrating New Year’s burned effigies of host Steve Harvey and Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. The video can be seen below.


Burning of effigies is a common tradition in Colombia. Colombians typically write down their fears and faults on pieces of paper and when the clock strikes 12, they throw the pieces of paper into the burning effigies. While some say that burning the effigies of Steve Harvey and Pia Wurtzbach is just to drive away the bad luck of Miss Colombia’s loss, other say that it was done in bad taste.

The man who burned the effigies apologized on his Facebook account. Noider Almanza Barraza posted the following message, translated from Spanish, according to the Rappler.

“At no time did we mean to hurt or offend the people of the Philippines. I am very sad and repentant because of the stir caused by the video, but I was not the only one who burned such dolls. I ask for forgiveness.”

The Miss Universe debacle has been a trending issue for several weeks now and has put Miss Colombia in the spotlight. She has received different offers and jobs left and right, but she says during the radio interview that some offers are just not her taste.

It has been reported that Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez has been offered to star in a porn video, though not officially, and she says that it’s the worst offer she has received.

“The worst is the porno video. I haven’t received a formal offer but I would never do it for one million dollars. For an incalculable amount. No, I am joking I will never do it. No my parents will kill me.”

[Photo by John Locher/AP]

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